Film ID:
YFA 5253

WYKE HALL 1961-62


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This is a film of Wyke Hall School activities, including a Sports Day, on Bricknell Avenue, Hull.  The film includes footage of different races as well as a trip to the countryside. 

On a sunny day a group of young women emerge from a church in pairs, all in colourful dresses.  They stand for a group portrait.

Intertitle – The School Sports July 1961

Boys and girls participate in sprint races on the school playing field, and a boy’s middle distance race.  There is then a girl’s skipping race, boy’s hurdles and relay races. 

School children board a bus for a trip to a farm where there are free range chickens, and they pet some new born lambs. 

Back at the school there is a cross country race.

Then a group of older boys set out with rucksacks, walking along country roads before stopping for some lunch. 

Some adults are playing tennis, and back at the school there is a cricket match, followed by rounders, girls practising the relay and more tennis. 

Then some boys are working in a metalwork class before the film finishes with a girl’s netball match.