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YFA 2132



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The film is a record of the Wrenthorpe area (Wakefield) in the 1970s.

The film opens with a sign - Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Golf Practice Cycling & Horses Prohibited. This is followed by scenes of the area around the new housing estate, its fields and flowerbeds.

There is an exterior shot of the Potoil Inn Free House near Jerry Clay Lane. A policeman makes his way up the road with his bicycle. There is also a shot of the Wrenthrope Community Association building and the surrounding area. This is followed by scenes taken from an overpass of a motorway followed by a street sign for Potovens Lane and the surrounding area.

Suburban Wrenthorpe is made up of bungalows, low-rise housing, and a semi-detached house. The film has been taken in autumn, and the trees which line the streets are full of colour. There are shots of children playing in the street and an elderly couple walking on the pavements. There is also footage of the neighbourhood roads which sometimes have a bit of traffic as well as more houses and gardens.

The film continues by showing suburban scenes in winter. The streets are now snow covered, and the same neighbourhood streets and houses are shown. There are shots of a cat and dog in the snow. A car has broken down in the street. The film closes with a shot of two women eating ice cream on a park bench in the summer.