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YFA 127



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This film contains footage of the everyday life of the workers at the mill. It includes the mundane tasks like scraping the dirt out of boilers and carrying things to and from the various buildings and well as the exciting arrival of a new boiler.

The film opens with a man with scales on the table in front of him and who is weighing small section of wool. The next section shows a woman using a machine to feed some of the wool through; there is another woman doing this at another machine too. Both of the women work on a spinning machine, changing metal spindles that hold the wool. There is a shot of some of the workers standing for the camera; they laugh and smile at the cameraman.

Title-The Weary Workers Wander Home.

(This section changes to black and white)

A sped up piece of footage shows the front of the mill and the staff streaming out of the doors and off in every direction. More staff come out of another door; some pushing their bikes along.

In another shot four young women lean against a wall with the countryside visible behind them, they smile at the camera. Then there are shots taken from the roof of the factory looking down onto some of the young women exiting the building and climbing into a waiting truck. The camera pans to show the yard of the mill full of staff.

Two men in hats and dressy coats leave the building and have a cigarette. They smile and pose for the camera and walk off.

Some men climb into big, metal boilers. Then there is another shot from inside the boiler watching as the men climb into it. The men hammer away at some metal parts and then they start to scrape a residue from the walls of the drum. They hammer and scrape away at various parts and wipe their faces with their hats.

A man shovels fuel into a fire, and then this cuts to shots of some staff having dinner in a dining room. There are shots from around the factory as men and women work in the machine room and other men working at desks. There are shots from outside watching as staff come out to do errands, trucks drive by and women carry armfuls of spun wool.

Title-The new boiler.

Title-The arrival of a new boiler is always a `date' in a firm's history.

Title-This particular one arrived at the works of R. Beanland & Co. Ltd., on Monday April 27th 1936.

The camera is on the side of the road watching a truck slowly drive the boiler on the back.

Title-The next day the `heavy gang' got to work.

Title-The two ton boiler had to pass between several buildings with only a few inches to spare.

From the top of a street the camera watches as the steam tractor pulls the boiler around a corner.

Title-A tight squeeze.

Several workmen stand around ready to help and some women watch. The tractor inches along in order to avoid hitting buildings.

Title-Getting up steam.

Title-A strong pull does it.

The tractor pulls it around the corner.

Title-After Herculean efforts the boiler was successfully manoeuvred into the desired position.

The workmen begin to unload the boiler from the tractor.

There is a brief shot of a female worker at an outside tap having a drink of water.

Title-The watcher.

A young man sits at a window watching all that is happening outside in the yard. This is followed by a few shots of a young woman washing out a water bottle at the outside tap.

Title-My `drink' is water bright.

The woman at the tap has a drink.

On the factory floor the camera watches two men talking together as people bustle around.


There is a brief sot of a woman working with frying oil and metal frying baskets.