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YFA 1218



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This is a fictional film made by students of De La Pole Hospital, just outside of Hull.  It is based on a story by Geraldo Cinthio, which is itself loosely based on Shakespeare’s Othello.  The film is directed and narrated by Dr J A R Bickford, the Physician Superintendent at the Hospital.

Title – Made under the direction of Dr J A R Bickford, and with the help of students of De La Pole Hospital.
Based on a story by Geraldo Cinthio and a play by Mr W S
“When I have plucked a rose I cannot give it vital growth again . . . ”  Othello, Act V, scene II

The Players
Walter Jibson as the Alderman
Raymond Earle . . . Jago
Michael Bell   . . . Mike Cassidy
Ancel Blair Nugent . . . Sinclair
Alan Clark  . . . Rod
Marjorie Stellings . . . Emilia
Christine Christie . . . Des
Produced by Walter Jibson
Photography N K Green, assisted by Tony Duncan

The alderman arrives for work at the Town Hall and is met by Jago, who takes his coat.  The alderman goes to see Sinclair, an African, and invites him to his home.  The junior clerk, Rod, “the lowest of the low”, does his rounds. He goes in to see Des, the daughter of the Alderman with whom he is in love.  They embrace and kiss passionately.  Michael Cassidy, junior to Sinclair, is working in his office.  Jago brings his wife Emilia in to meet Des at work.  Then Des is at home, bored, as Sinclair pays a visit.  Sinclair tells the Alderman about a war he was in, traveling from North Africa to Korea, showing the areas on a globe.  Des joins them and makes a play for Sinclair and the two of them get together as a couple.

Des and Sinclair form a couple and go to social events together.  Rod becomes increasingly jealous, and egged on by Jago plots to ruin their relationship.  The rest of the film basically follows this plot line.