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YFA 1571



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This is a film from the Environmental Agency film showing the dredging of the Rivers Don and Derwent at various stages of development through the 1930s. Intertitles throughout explain the work being done.

Title - River Ouse (Yorks) catchment board works in progress on the River Don and Derwent

A brief look at a river.

Intertitle - River Don after willow cleaning

A brief look at the River Don.

Intertitle - Condition of River Don in 1936

A brief look at the River Don.

Intertitle - Tree Clearing

A bulldozer uproots a tree using rope.

Intertitle - River Don before excavation

The River Don is filmed from a boat going along it.

Intertitle - River widening with dragline excavators

A large crane at the side is dredging the river at various points.

Intertitle - The River Don after excavation

The River Don is again filmed from a boat going along it.

Intertitle - Excavated spoil before formation into embankments

The spoil is shown piled up alongside the river.

Intertitle - Formation of embankments from excavated soil

The cranes load the spoil into wagons on a narrow gauge railway, which are transported to the required place to be unloaded. A bulldozer then pushes the spoil into position to make the embankment.

Intertitle - Embankment formation completed.

Two men walk along a path on the top of the completed embankment.

Intertitle - Loading stone at new-bridge for River Don training wall

The river is filmed from a boat showing barges and men working at the side of the river.

Intertitle - Training wall at new-bridge bend

Intertitle Stone retaining wall for preventing bank slip

The wall is shown from a boat on the river

Intertitle - River diversions. Patent new cut on River Derwent.

More spoil is being loaded onto trucks by a crane situated next to the river.

Intertitle - Bubwith new cut River Derwent

A bend in the river is shown filmed from the air.

Intertitle - 'Waterside' new cut River Don

Two cranes are shown dredging an area to make the new cut in the river. Workmen are digging a channel between the river and the new cut. An earth mover flattens out the spoil that has been removed to form the new cut.

Intertitle - Workshops during construction

An empty building is shown from inside.

Intertitle - Workshops in use

The same buildings are shown from the outside, and then inside men are working on machinery: electric drills and lathes. A boat pulls off along the river.

The End