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YFA 5928



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This is one of three films made by the newly formed Pocklington Canal Amenity Society documenting the work they carried out in restoring the canal and some of their activities connected to this.  This film focuses on clearing the canal of debris.

The surface of Pocklington Canal is cleared of vegetation using a timber construction in a V shape being pulled along the canal by a tractor.  Foliage is also cleared and burnt from the side of the canal, and new trees planted.  A large group of volunteers use shovels to clear the canal bottom.  A large piece of timber is pulled from the canal, possibly an old lock door.  A tractor helps to pull other rubble form out of the canal, and a youth in swimwear dives to the bottom to collect more rubbish which he deposits in a boat.  There are more boats in the canal, along with some moorhens in the reeds of the canal, and a hydraulic dredger is at work.