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YFA 5927



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This is the one of three films made by the newly formed Pocklington Canal Amenity Society documenting the work they carried out in restoring the canal and some of their activities connected to this.  This film focuses on work being done to Thornton Lock and around Church Bridge.

Title – Restoration of the Pocklington Canal
“Work commenced on the restoration of the canal by volunteers in January 1970.  Month by month the work has continued up to the present day.  The following scenes are of some of the Working Parties tackling the various jobs of work which have to be done.”

Next to a small caravan there is a woman and a child who supply the volunteers with refreshments.  The sides of the canal are being cleared by a digger and also by hand while the bottom of a canal lock is pumped clear of water.  They workers stop for tea.

Title – Thornton Lock

Water is pumped out of the lock which is being restored.  A boy is larking about, while the old lock gates are broken up and taken away.  Men clear slurry from the bottom while others build new brick walls.  

Title – Let me tell you

There is a shot of the man supervising the project.

Title – Sunday 31st May, 1970.  Today we were visited by ‘Calendar’ TV cameras.

The TV crew can be seen filming the activities. 

Title – Norman Steels Esq. (Bricklayer extraordinary) prepares for his television debut.

The aforementioned bricklayer is seen at work, filmed in slow motion.

Title – Another load of shilt

There is more shovelling of muck from the bottom of the lock and carted away in wheelbarrows.  A dredger is also in operation.  Large stones arrive and are placed on the bank.

Title – Sunday 28th June, 1970.  Laying the last coping stone at Thornton Lock.

Men work to carefully lay a large coping stone.  They use the aid of a bulldozer to help put it in place.  There is more dredging.

Title – Church Bridge

Growth under the bridge is cleared away and burnt.  A new brick wall is laid under the bridge with some children helping.  The sides of the canal bank are also cleared of trees and overgrown shrubbery, using a bulldozer and a chainsaw.  Children climb up some trees before the end result can be seen, a clear path besides the canal.  Meanwhile a young man tries to navigate the canal in a canoe.

Title – Restoration of Pocklington Canal
Title - Working Party organisers: D G Tomlinson, D Duke, G Pickard.
Refreshments prepared and served by the Ladies of PCAS
Photography W Parker.

Title – The End