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This film is part of the Charles Chislett Collection, although he is not credited on the film. Commissioned by the Church Pastoral Aid Society, the film aims to win recruits into the clergy. It traces the path of a new recruit from college through to his ordination and after.

Title - Workers Together

Photography by K.H.Bone, esq., CPAS Technical Assistant
Editing by The Rev. E G Barnes. Metropolitan Organising Secretary
A CPAS Production

The film begins showing a headline from the Church of England Newspaper 'Clergy shortage may be catastrophic'. A paragraph from the article has been circled, in which Dr Bell states that unless there are many more ordinations thousands of parishes will be left without a vicar.

Intertitle - What are the facts? In the past 40 years the population of our land has increased by several millions. The number of parochial clergy has decreased by about 25%. Where do men 'hear the call'?

In a school class, the young children are sat at tables, divided into groups of girls and boys with their teachers. A vicar is speaking in a pulpit, and a man is sitting, reading in a library.

Intertitle - What kind of men hear 'The Call'?

Men are working at a printing press, another doing typesetter, men congregate in a boardroom and office. Then people are shown walking along a street and getting on a London Routemaster bus (a number 35 for Higham's Park Station, Camberwell, and Clapton).

Intertitle - Let us follow the course of a young man who hears the call. He shall be known as Fred.

The young man, Fred, is in discussion with a member of the Church clergy who shows him a book.

Intertitle - Do you trust that you are inwardly moved by the Holy Ghost to take upon you this office and ministration to serve God for the promoting of his Glory and the edifying of his people? ANSWER I trust so.

Fred nods his head as he holds the book, passes it over to the minister, shakes his hand, and his given another book before he leaves.

Intertitle - Fred is ready for the next step - the selection centre

Fred is at a railway station looking at the departure board. At Farnham, Fred disembarks and leaves the station.

Intertitle - Farnham castle - Guilford diocesan retreat house.

The film shows the outside of the large house, and a room inside.

Intertitle - Selectors and candidates get to know each other

A group of recruits are talking informally in a room. Fred introduces himself, and then a priest addresses them.

Intertitle - The chapel provides opportunities for corporate worship and private devotion

Inside the chapel a man is praying.

Intertitle - The selectors meet to discuss each man's prospects

A group of elderly men are sitting in a room, reading through notes, and conferring.

Intertitle - The CPAS gives help and advice

Fred has a discussion with a vicar, before they kneel for prayer.

Intertitle - Having passed the selection board, training begins

Some streets are shown, possibly Oxford, with a church tower, a bridge, and a college with church spire.

Intertitle - Students have opportunities for sport as well as study

A cricket match is in progress, followed by rowing on a river, male and female students mingling in a garden, and students leaving a college building to walk around the quad.

Intertitle - Help from the CPAS ordination fund

Some students open letters for their pigeon holes, with cheques enclosed.

Intertitle - Final examinations and degrees

Students in their graduating robes and mortar boards stand outside a university college, possibly on Oxford High Street, with bikes and traffic going by.

Intertitle - St. Michael's house Oxford an evangelical training college for women

The outside of the house is shown, and inside a copy of Holman Hunt's 'Light of the world' can be seen.

Intertitle - Some of these students are helped by grants from the LHMU Bursary Fund

Women students sit reading in a library.

Intertitle - From university to theological college

Fred walks along the driveway of the college and enters. As he starts to unpack his bag in his room, a man enters.

Intertitle - Come and join us for a cup of tea

In the communal room a man is making a fire. Several students sit having tea and biscuits. Fred browses the books and bottles on a shelf. They have a discussion, and leave college building. They are then seen seated at long tables in the dining room eating, then at a lecture, followed by a tutorial.

Intertitle - Off for a quiet afternoon's study on Bidston Hill

Fred walks in his striped university blazer, through the leafy grounds of the college towards a windmill. He sits down on the grass to read, and then lays down.

Intertitle - Some sleep when they should be working

Fred is asleep on the grass.

Intertitle - Others work when they should be sleeping

Another student is studying at a desk.

Intertitle - Founder's Day Celebrations

A long robed procession lead out from a church.

Intertitle - "I was glad when they said unto me"

The procession enters and leaves the church.

Intertitle - At last ordination

A student opens and reads a letter.

Intertitle - Your prayers are asked for Frederic John Parsons to be made deacon on Trinity Sunday 1952 by the Lord Bishop.

Intertitle - The new colleague - workers together

Fred and a bishop put on robes and enter a church. A Bible passage has been highlighted from Corinthians VI: 'We then as workers together with him beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain'.

A clergyman knocks on a house door, speaks to the woman who opens the door and enters. The cutting from the newspaper article is re-shown. Again clergy visit some terraced homes. The film shows old streets, and flats.

Closing Intertitle - Whom shall I send and who will go for us? Here I am, send ME. Isaiah 6.8