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YFA 4476



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This film documents the Rose Queen Festival at Woodlands Junior School in July, 1954. The film includes footage of the parade, the new Queen being crowned, and other dances and games which took place as part of the event.

Intertitle: "Rose Queen festival July 1954 - opening procession - Dutch children toy town regiment".

Children walk along the school playing field dressed in clothes made to look Dutch. A crowd of children in school uniform sit and watch the event.

Intertitle: "Opening procession - traditional English dances PT group". More children walk past the camera, two by two, a girl and a boy.

Intertitle: "The Rose Queens and attendants.
1953 - Gillian Robinson.
1954 - Linda Bissett".

A girl in a long, blue dress walks. This is the 1953 Queen. Two girls in yellow dresses hold her cape up. These are followed by a parade of younger looking girls in two rows, one side wearing blue and the other wearing yellow. The previous intertitle is repeated.

A girl in blue carries a silver crown on a white, silk pillow. She is followed by the 1954 Queen, in yellow, two girls holding up her cape, in pink, and then a procession of younger girls as before.

Intertitle: "The crowing of the Rose Queen".

The girl seen before with the crown on a pillow stands next to the Queen, who kneels. The previous year's Queen places the crown on her head. All the attendants curtsey. The Queen goes and sits on a throne set up on a stage.

There is another shot of school children in the crowd. They all wear white shirts, but many have different coloured cardigans. A few of the girls wear bows in their hair. On stage, all the attendants have been seated around the Queen.

Woodlands Junior School

Intertitle: "Dances of the attendants".

All the girls perform a dance, the queen watching from her throne. In the crowd, the children look quite fidgety. In the background of the dancing shots, a smoking factory chimney can be seen.

Intertitle: "Dutch dancers".

These children perform a dance.

Intertitle: "Physical agility display".

Children do handstands and forward rolls. The children sit in a line with their legs outstretched, and one child runs over them, jumping over the legs.

Intertitle: "Toy town tattoo".

Boys dressed as soldiers lie on the ground. There are little girls dressed as nurses sit on the grass. One soldier shouts orders to his troops. They march. There is a cannon on the field, around which the red soldiers capture the blue soldiers. Then some children dressed as fairies wander in to the action. The Dutch children can be seen watching on the side-lines.

Intertitle: "Old English games".

Children play a game where two lines stand opposite each other. Then one line dances up to the other and back repeatedly. In the crowd, there are two children in blackface and a cowboy visible in the foreground.

Intertitle: "Mass PT display".

Children in sports clothes march, and then do an aerobic display.

Intertitle: "Recessional".

There is more marching, and the Queen also walks with her attendants.

Intertitle: "The End".