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This film is part of the Nowell collection and follows the construction of a new church in Woodlands, South Yorkshire, starting at the fundraising stage, through the construction phase and finishes with the opening ceremony in 1952.

Title-New Woodlands Methodist Church Hall.

Title-The building of a new church in one of Harrogate's suburbs.

Title-This district has expanded in the last few years, thus creating a need for a church.

There is a shot from the top of a residential street looking down at a woman who is walking along in the opposite direction; some children run along the path beside the road. There are shots of various roads around the area.

Title-After much difficulty a site was found, permits granted and foundations laid in March 1951.

The camera pans across the piece of scrub land. A sign reads `Methodist Church Woodlands site for the new church hall. Cost £10,000 your help is needed'.

Foundations have been dug, and the bases of the walls have been started.

Title-The building of these new estates has caused a still greater need for a place of worship.

There are shots of an estate with adults and children walking along the paths. Some children sit in a field while some girls play outside on a different road. There is a close up of a sign for `Kennion Road' and then shots of the houses along the road.

Title-Sunday evening services are held in the Woodlands Day School.

Men and women walk into the school hall and join other people who are already seated; the Reverend walks in too. The congregation stand up and sing and two young girls laugh and point at the camera. There is a shot taken from the side of the piano looking down onto her playing. The Reverend walks to the back of the hall and talks to everyone as they leave.

Title-A memorable Day Saturday April 28th 1951.

A booklet lies open on a page which reads `Saturday 28th April 1951, Stone Laying Ceremony, Attended by the Mayor and Mayoress, Rev John Talbot, Rev. W.F. Vernon, Rev. Leslie Atkins, Rev. H. Owen Wagstaff and representatives of the 17 circuit chapels'.

A large crowd of men, women and children gather outside to listen to the Reverends making speeches and singing hymns. The Mayor and Mayoress sit nearby. Each of the Revs makes a speech and then some men gather beside them with stones.

Title-Representatives from each of the 17 circuit churches lay a stone.

One man after the other places a mallet on top of a stone and makes a speech, then the next man moves the mallet along and so on.

Title-Lay this (stone or brick) in the Woodlands Methodist Church to the Glory of God.

As each representative lays a stone, they repeat the words and then walk away. The representatives include young children, men, women and priests.

Title-The Sunday School has to be limited to suit the available accommodation.

A group of young boys and girls sing a song and do hand movements with a teacher and a woman accompanying on the piano. The children have been divided into groups and sit gathered around adults in various parts of the school.

Title-Work progresses favourably, Rev N.J. Earl explains the layout to teachers and scholars.

Several men work on the walls of the church; all around them is debris and hundreds of bricks lying in the yard. A long procession of children walk along a small path and end up at the building site where the children and teachers gather around the priest and another man.

Title-The staff.

The camera pans across the line up of men and women who all laugh and smile at the camera.

Title-Fellowship meetings are held in member's homes.

A crowd of men and women file up the path to a house and the shot cuts to them all seated inside the house reading from their bibles; then tea and scones are served.

Title-Taking shape but still more to be done.

There are shots of the church with no roof and lots of scaffolding. The shots are taken from various sections inside the unfinished church.

There is a shot of a leaflet advertising the `Christmas Fair' on Saturday, December 1st at Woodlands School, Wetherby Road'.

A huge crowd of men and women have gathered in the hall to listen to speeches made by the Reverend and then some men in suits and a woman. People start to take food from the buffet once the speeches are over. There are shots taken from a height looking down onto the hall full of people.

Title-With roof completed work on the interior goes ahead.

There is a long shot of the completed church and inside men work on sanding the wooden floors, painting the walls, and flattening the mud in the front garden, in order to landscape.

Title-Moving in a few days prior to the opening day.

A van reverses into the driveway of the church and some boys work together to move a piano out of the back of it, Another van delivers lots of wooden chairs, which volunteers set up inside.

Title-The great day arrives.

There is a poster on the wall which reads `Woodlands Methodist Church Opening Ceremony and Dedication of the Church Hall.'

There is a shot of the cross on the roof and of the congregation driving and walking in through the gates onto the neat driveway. Most of them smile at the camera as they enter the building. There are some photographers waiting outside the church. The Mayor and Mayoress arrive and are escorted into the church.

Title-Mrs J.R Ogden performs the opening ceremony.

Some men in academic robes and a Reverend wait outside the main door while a photographer gets them to gather together for a photograph. Back inside the hall the congregation and the Reverends have tea and scones.

Title-Celebrating the first women's fellowship in the new hall.

The women stand beside their tables and sing from hymn books and then they have tea and talk to each other.

Title-Within these walls let holy peace; let love and truth be always found; may burdened hearts find sweet release, and souls with richest grace be crowned.

Title-The end.