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YFA 89



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This reel includes two films, the first featuring Historic Scottish Abbeys, and the second scenic sites of Wharfedale.  It films include extensive intertitles identifying each place the filmmaker visits. 

Title - Historical Scottish Abbeys (An Abbey can be seen in the background)

The film opens with scenes of the landscape, trees and hills.

Title - Dryborough Abbey - Founded in 1150 by David I

The ruined abbey can be seen in addition to people walking out of its doorway.

Title - and standing on the banks of the Tweed

Visitors to the Abbey walk along the walls of the 1st floor. This is followed by more shots of preserved carved archways and arched windows.

Title - The remains of Sir Walter Scott lie in this historical spot

There is a lengthy scene of a brick archway, this time without carvings.

Title - Which was more or less destroyed by the English between the years 1322 and 1545

Much of the skeletal structure of the Abbey still remains. Here, we see the structure of a rose window.  Following this scene are shots of people dressed in typical fashions of the day.

Title - The inscription on Earl Haigs Tomb

Title - Melrose Abbey On the south bank of the Tweed and also founded by David I

The film continues with a panning shot that takes in most of the Abbey. A few people can be seen walking around the grounds directly in front of the Abbey.

Title - The Abbey was the most beautiful structure in Scotland in the middle ages

More of the Abbey.

Title - The carving and traceries are magnificent

The front of the Abbey can be seen with the church bell situated at the top of the Abbey. There is also a shot looking towards the sky through the space which the window would have been at one time. Additionally, the film documents the ornate decoration which has been carved into various parts of the stone which make up the Abbey.

End of first film.

Title - 'Woodlands and Waters of Wharfedale by Noel T Beardsell'

Title - England offers few finer sights than the rolling panorama of the Yorkshire Moors

A panning shot from up high showing the landscape. This is followed by some shots of trees, clouds, and woodland paths.

Title - Through the leaves you catch a glimpse of old grey walls

There is a scene of a ruined Abbey from above. The frame has been masked so it appears that we are looking through a circular hole.

Title - The wooded dale makes a lovely setting for Bolton Abbey

Different aspects of the Abby are featured.

Title - The carvings date from the Abbey's foundation in the twelfth century

This portion of the film features close-ups of various carvings.

Title - The west end of the building is still used for services

Here there are many shots taken from different angles showing different aspects of the Abbey.

Title - Viewed from the ancient walls, bathers in modern costumes form a piquant contrast

There is a shot taken from overhead of people bathing and playing around the nice bank.

Title - The Wharf valley is the scene of many happy excursions

Many people can be seen enjoying the river and surrounding areas.

Title - As you descend you hear the splash of rushing water far below

People can be seen wearing overcoats, perhaps suggesting a later season in the year, and there are many views of the river which is lined by rocks and trees.

Title - Here the river narrows in its rocky bed

Shots of the river.

Title - The "Strid"- or striding stone- where only the most venturesome dare cross

There is a close-up of the river and water cascading fast down between rocks.

Title - In summer heat even the busy breakers seem to grow languid

The last scene is of the rover now peacefully flowing through another masked frame.

Title - Finis