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YFA 2301



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This is a film made by Chapeltown dentist Willie Thorne, mainly in colour, of the grounds, flora and fauna at Wortley Hall near Sheffield. The film was taken over the different seasons and includes some shots of the young Lord Carlton.

The opening sequence is on black and white stock and shows various panoramic views of snow covered fields and hills populated with bare trees. The footage then changes to colour, and there is a shot of a grand house followed by a detailed documentation of the garden which features close ups of the brightly coloured horticulture and various shots of a parrot.

Cutting away from this scene, the filmmaker superimposes the words 'glimpses of Wharncliffe' over a shot of a rocky valley. A man walks his dogs through the valley, before a man in shorts and high socks is captured abseiling down a rock face. From a distance, a young boy can be seen climbing along a dead tree. The following sequence features wild deer grazing in field.

Title - A twelve pointer.

The filmmaker focuses on the male stags who roam the fields.

Title - The woods, Wortley.

The opening shots in this sequence feature shots of saplings, slugs, snakes, hedgehogs, and various shots of vegetation growing in the woods. Two women and young boy who pick wild flowers in the woods with their two dogs.

Title - Lord Carlton.

The young boy picks more flowers (what appears to be lavender), and the filmmaker then cuts to show the picked flowers at home in a vase. A young girl rides a pony through dense foliage before there is long sequence which features more shots of flowers and fields. The final shot shows a dog standing in the family home doorway.