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YFA 2231



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This is a short comedy film of two women, played by men, who have their frocks nailed to a fence.  It was made by Bamforth and Company, Holmfirth, with the original film held at the BFI National Film and Television Archive.

Two women (played by men), in bonnets and shawls and holding up parasols, stand in animated conversation in front of a fence.  They are then seen – as the camera remains in the same position – from the other side of the fence as two workmen creep up to the fence, pull the hems of their skirts through a gap in the timber, and nail them to the fence.  (This is the first example of switching perspectives within a single scene with time continuity.)  When the women discover their plight they try to get away hitting the men with their parasols and pull the fence down taking it with them as they pull away.