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YFA 4895



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This is part of the collection of films made by Sheffield teacher William Gordon Gregory.  The film shows steel being cast and women munitions workers in an engineering factory making, among other things, vices.

Title – War, Local Munitions

The film begins showing a date being ripped off a calendar, Tues. 3rd September (presumably for 1940, but representing the anniversary of the declaration of war with Germany).

(B&W) Then large piles of scrap metal are shown with the words ‘From’.

(Col)  A woman worker is at a lathe’

(B&W) Scrap metal is collected and transported in a wheelbarrow to be poured into a furnace.

(Col.) The filmmaker shows a glimpse of the factory followed by a metal mould being made.  Then molten metal is being poured into a large bucket on wheels.  This is taken away and the molten metal is poured into various moulds.

(B&W)  A woman worker operates a grinding machine.

(Col.) Another woman worker operates a skimming machine and a grinder, without any goggles, while another (B&W) operates a lathe, in what appears to be her normal clothes.  (Col.) More lathes and a drill are shown in use and vices are shown being painted.

(B&W)  The film finishes with a group of the women workers gathered together to pose for the camera.