Film ID:
YFA 1911



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This is a film showing some of the construction of the new NCB colliery being built at Wistow around 1982.

The film begins showing three signs:  one for Howden Mechanical Engineering, one a road sign for Wistow, and a third for NCB Wistow Mine.  Where the colliery is in the process of construction, a fork lift truck moves some steel sections.  The sections, which look as if they might be some sort of filters, are lifted by crane onto the roof of what may be a ventilation building, where they are slotted in upright.  A lid is lifted off what looks to be a large ventilation shaft.  Elsewhere a large section of what might be part of a large air duct is lifted onto a lorry trailer, which is then driven to the Wistow site and unloaded.  It is then hoisted up by crane into an opening in the roof in the ventilation building and lowered into a tunnel.