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YFA 5839



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This is a comedic film made by Doug and Nora Brear of the Wakefield Cine Club about a thief who targets the tourists at a stately home.  The film was taken during a trip with the North East Film Club to Grantley Hall, North Yorkshire.

People are wandering around in the grounds of Grantley Hall.  An elderly man acts as a pick pocket, targeting the visitors.  His equally elderly wife stashes the takings into a bag marked “Swag.”

Title – Something Fishy Here . . .

A comic policeman appears, pantomime fashion, and grabs the man.

Title – “I only did it for the kids  . . .”

Next, the man is locked up in a room.  He puts a puzzle together which is made from different shaped wooden blocks.

Title – Meanwhile

Two shifty looking women and a man are playing cards in a garage.  They are surrounded by empty wine bottles and beer cans.  The woman rushes in and tells the others that her partner has been captured.  They rush out and, tip-toeing, follow a sign for “Jail.” They stop to take photos of the “Jail.”

Title – Hang on old chap . . . help is near!

They clamber through the window to the room where the man is being held captive.  The jailor lounges with his feet up.  Inside they help the man with his puzzle.  Once discovered the jailor appears and chases them around in circles, acted out in in a comedic vaudeville style.  They are then chased around the grounds of the house and get into various comic escapades as they run including running into a bush where a couple are canoodling.

Title – The end is in sight

The group is eventually chased back into the building and appear behind bars.  They hold a sign that states, “Wish you were here... instead of us!”

[Note: The film was made one afternoon, processed overnight and edited and shown next morning.]