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NEFA 19849



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Home movie compilation by Dr H. Brenton Porteous that captures winter scenes in Newcastle and surrounding countryside; biplanes and monoplanes at Woolsington airfield; Beadnell bay and harbour; High Force waterfall on the River Tees, and the building of an air raid shelter at Osborne Road, Jesmond, Newcastle, the home of Dr Porteous, and now the site of Whites Hotel. Also included are shots at the wedding of Dr H. B. Porteous (the filmmaker) and Dr Winifred Ormerod in 1926, with good examples of 1920s bridal wear.

[Please note that the filmmaker used several different non-standard camera speeds to shoot this film. Consequently, a few short sequences will appear to be running a little fast, including the first snowy scenes in Newcastle.]

Title: In Winter's Icy Grip

The film's opening sequence captures scenes around Newcastle in winter with heavy snowfall on the streets.

View down snow covered tree-lined street.

Brief view down residential street, a woman walks with another pushing a pram through the snow.

Cars and a horse-drawn coal cart drive past near Armstrong Bridge. A horse-drawn cart is delivering coal down a residential street.

A point of view travelling shot follows of a road in the Jesmond area of Newcastle under snow. A flower seller walks by balancing a basket of flowers on her head. A woman shovels snow away from the pavement outside her house, a child beside her looking to camera. There are various shots of gardens under snow.

View down Great North Road in the snow, with horse-drawn coal cart amongst other motor vehicles, including a bus. Next, a tractor (or snow plough?) tries to pull a coal cart along in the traffic, closely followed by cars. Beside the road, a man manoeuvres an unhitched coal cart, a horse standing nearby.

Brief shot of colourful flower stall.

Next, there are various shots of snow covered countryside near Newcastle. A man cuts holly from a hedgerow on a country lane. His daughter and young son pick up the clippings from the road, a car parked at the roadside. The film cuts to a shot of a signpost pointing to "Old Horton Grange, Make-Em-Rich, Horton Grange, Stannerton, Berwick Hill, Ponteland". Two cars are parked kerbside down a country road. There is a close shot of the children looking through the rear window of the car as it drives off down the road.

In the next scenes, there are various shots of the wintry landscape around and on Woolsington airfield (before becoming Newcastle Airport), some taken at sunset. A plane taxis on the snow covered airfield. Various shots record the take-offs, taxiing, and flight of biplanes and monoplanes at the airfield.

Title: Spring Snapshots (1938)

Various shots record flowers, daffodils beside the Great North Road, lambs, and woodland during springtime.

The scene cuts to Beadnell Bay, with views across a beach with people scattered here and there, low lying cliffs in the background.

A man and two women pass along a track leading from the bay, the women dressed in dark clothing clutching their hats in the wind.

View across Beadnell harbour, two people walking back towards land along the breakwater, waves crashing against pier. Small fishing boats are moored in the harbour in a stormy sea.

Next, there are various shots of High Force waterfall on the River Tees, near Middleton-in-Tees, the river, and a high angle view of a group of people beside the pool.

Title: Farewell Wanderer

[Black & white:]
Long shot from the cliffs at Beadnell of the Wanderer sailing boat belonging to Major Herbert Edgar Burton at sea.

A young boy walks toward Beadnell village.

Title: Building Air Raid Shelter 1939

This sequence records the construction of a personal air raid shelter in the back garden of 38 Osborne Road, Jesmond, home of Dr Porteous. Two men, assisted by Dr Porteous (?), dig a foundation hole in the garden, and the stages in building the shelter are shown. The doctor's son, Ian, picks flowers growing on the mound on top of the finished shelter.

Title: Flashback to 1926

At the wedding of Dr H. B. Porteous (the film-maker) and Dr Winifred Ormerod, the bride, groom, and family pose for a group portrait, with bride and bridesmaid wearing white lace outfits, carrying bouquets. The decorated wedding car drives away down a street with tramlines visible. A close-up of the rear of the car focuses on the decoration and hand-drawn poster of two entwined hearts. The bride and groom pose for the camera, and there is another group shot with a close-up of a very young girl in bonnet.