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YFA 182



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This is a film made by Noel Beardsell Collection of skiing and other winter sports at Wengen and Zermatt, Switzerland.

Title – Portrayed by Noel T Beardsell
Intertitle – Sunshine and Snow!  No wonder that this happy Alpine town wakens with the dawn

People ski down the mountainside leading to the village, where others are skating and two men clear the falling snow. People are sitting at cafes and watching a game of curling.

Intertitle – Perched half way between peaks and valleys, Wengen revels in every Winter Sport.

Various sports are shown, beginning with skiing, then ice hockey and then skating, with women solo skaters doing twirls.

Intertitle – Mountain Railways carry skis and skiers to the higher snow fields.

Skiers board a mountain train, placing their skis in special carriages.  At their destination they get off and collect their skis.  Some go off skiing, others relax in a cafe.  Next there is some ski jumping on a small slope down by the village

Intertitle – Winter in Zermatt
Portrayed by Noel T Beardsell 
A visit to the Swiss Winter Sports was once an arduous undertaking.  Today you simply take . . .

A journey by train is filmed as the train speeds along, passing an industrial area.

Intertitle – An express journey to Dover

The train continues on its way.

Intertitle – A brief cross-channel trip to Calais.

Luggage is loaded by crane onto the ferry, and a brief part of the sea journey is filmed.

Intertitle – . . . a non–stop survey of Paris.

The Eiffel Tower is seen from a distance and then close up.  Then the lift up is filmed, looking down, followed by some film of Notre Dame, and a car journey along the Champs-Elysées.

Intertitle – And within a few hours you are among the mountains.

Next they are travelling by train through the Alps.

Intertitle – The railway has only just recently opened up Zermatt as a Winter Sports Resort

Some people are on sledges in the snowy village, and there is a game of curling. This is followed by some fancy skating, and a game played on ice skates, whereby a match box is passed from person to person by nose.  They take a ride on a horse drawn sledge, and then take a mountain lift to the top, where they go skiing, with Beardsley looking into the distance.