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YFA 475



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This film is a Pathescope film which documents winter sports in Norway as described by the following titles:

Winter Sports
Pathescope Presents Norway
Pathescope Presents "The Pavlova of the Ice" Sonja Henie - World Champion Skater
Winder Sports - A documentary film
Ice Skating race
For Ice Hockey the players must be first rage at skating.
Dancing on Ice
The Sledge is made of two curved runners which will glide swiftly on a snow-covered slope.
The Sledge is often replaced by the "bobsleigh" to which it has given precedence.
The bobsleigh is made of two parts - the first formed of two runners worked by a wheel - the back, also fitted with two runners and a break
The crew is comprised of four people. Two have to be skilled at the sport, the pilot or captain in charge of the direction, and the 4th man in charge of the break.
The "bubelet" or two-seater bobsleigh
Skiing is a complete sport in itself
Only practiced skiers take this leap
Horse racing
The End - A Pathescope Film