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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film is a wide-ranging film showing Yorkshire during the winter, including speeded up journeys along icy roads and footage of scenic snow-covered landscapes.

Title – Goodbye Autumn !!!
Title – Winter Kaleidoscope 1962/3

The film opens on a snow-covered countryside.  There are a number of skiers out skiing down the hills at Cracoe Hill near Burnsall.  This is followed by footage of a farm near Fewston and then motorcycling in the snow on the Moors. 

At Kellet Road, there is a garden under snow.  Ice clings to the branches, leaves, and a spider’s web.  Christmas is fast approaching, and inside the house, the filmmaker’s wife wraps Christmas gifts in the lounge. 

A car makes its way along winding, country roads.  There is snow piled high on either side of the cleared streets, and footage is taken from the front of the car.  The journey ends at Roundhay Park.  The fountain is covered in snow and ice, and the filmmaker captures the sunset behind the fountain. 

The next scene includes panning shots of the scenic snow-covered landscape.  This is followed by footage of Leeds at night, decorated with Christmas lights for the holiday. 

Christmas Day, and the filmmaker’s family sit and have Christmas dinner.  There is a shot of a small Christmas tree, and the filmmaker and his family gather in the lounge to exchange gifts.  A little boy gets a blue toy car, and the adults take turn pulling Christmas crackers.  They then have a toast, drinking from small glasses.  The scene ends with close up shots of the Christmas tree and manger. 

Children are sledging down the rolling hills, and some try to slide on ice at Linton near Burnsall.  There is more footage taken from the front of a car as it drives along winding country roads.  Aysgarth falls have frozen over, and there is footage of the surrounding landscape. 

Title - … and a quick ride to Hardraw Scaur [sic]

There are huge icicles around the waterfalls at Hardraw Scar.  This is followed by more outdoor winter sport footage such as ice skating, skiing, and sledging possibly near Cracoe Hill.  There is also scenic footage taken of Fewston Church and village.

Title – and suddenly
Title – Spring

The film closes with a flower blooming.

Title – The End.