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This is a comedic film made by the Bamforth Film Company. Yorkshire's connection to filmmaking can be traced back to the very beginnings of the industry and one of Britain's premiere early filmmakers, James Bamforth. In two brief periods of activity, 1898-1900 and 1913-1915, Bamforth and Company of Holmfirth was responsible for producing this regionally and nationally significant collection.

Title-Winky's Weekend

A man and a woman sit at a table where they have a meal. The woman is reading a letter which says that her parents want her to visit them that day and without her husband. The woman looks happy but Winky raises a glass in the air in order to smash it. His wife embraces him, and he calms down. They both leave the room, and Winky puts his hat on.

In the next scene Winky and his wife are on the platform of the train station. The train arrives, Winky helps her into a carriage and he kisses her goodbye.

Title-Don't forget to have the chimney swept

Winky leaves the station, and in the next shot, he is at home. He looks at the camera and gestures to the chimney. He then takes off his jacket.

Title-Sweeps cause a lot of dirt; I'll do the job myself.

He rolls up his sleeves and starts pulling at the chimney and poking at it with a sweeping brush.

Title-I'll borrow Mrs Fatty's Fowls.

He makes a throwing motion in the direction of the chimney and runs out of the door.

Outside, he smiles again at the camera and picks up a sack. He hops over a wall into the chick run and climbs into the chicken coop. He comes out with several chickens. He walks home along his street, bent down under the window ledges. He keeps smiling at the camera.

There is a shot of Mrs Fatty going into the chicken coop. She can't find the chickens anywhere and throws her hands up in the air and leaves the chicken run.

Winky carries the sack into the house and empties the chickens out onto the floor. He clears the table.

Meanwhile, Mrs Fatty is in the police station talking to a policeman. A detective with a silly moustache, fancy clothes and a much exaggerated bow comes in and listens to her too.

Back at the house Winky puts several chickens up the chimney and gets lots of soot in his face.

The detective is in the chicken coop with Mrs Fatty. He examines the area with a magnifying glass, stoops down, and picks up a piece of evidence.

Back at the chimney Winky is laughing at the camera and counting five on his fingers, to indicate that five chickens are up the chimney. He hears a knock on the door and opens it to the detective. The detective searches Winky's house with the magnifying glass, Winky helps him. They both look up the chimney but at that moment, a huge cloud of soot comes out of the chimney.

There is an external shot of the chimney and the chickens come out of the top. Mrs Fatty, Winky and the detective all meet up in a confused manner.

There is a shot of Winky's wife smiling and talking with her parents. She gets a telegram and kisses it, as it is from Winky. When she opens it, she stands up in shock and has to leave. Winky has been locked in Government housing and will not be allowed out until a fine has been paid.

In the final scene, Winky's wife is at the jail when he is let out. They both embrace.