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This is a comedic film made by the Bamforth Film Company. Yorkshire's connection to filmmaking can be traced back to the very beginnings of the industry and one of Britain's premiere early filmmakers, James Bamforth. In two brief periods of activity, 1898-1900 and 1913-1915, Bamforth and Company of Holmfirth was responsible for producing this regionally and nationally significant collection.

Film opens with a tramp asleep on the grass beside a small fire. A young man, Winky, passes by the spot where the tramp is asleep.

Two other men are sitting near some bushes where they are having a picnic and laughing. One of the men takes out a rifle and shoots into the air. His friend gets a big fright. Winky hears the shot and jumps, but he heads over to see what is going on.

The two men look up to see a dead bird falling down; they are both delighted with it and examine it. They toast each other with two beers and put the bird away. Winky is hiding in the bushes and looking at their picnic; he licks his lips and smiles at the camera.

There is a brief shot of a young boy wandering through the bushes. Then there is a shot of Winky who has gone back to where the tramp is asleep. He winks, smiles at the camera, takes the tramp's shoes, and looks at them. He proceeds to cut the ends off the tramp's trousers and then puts both of his feet into a hole just beside him. He positions the tramp's boots in such a way that it looks like the man is very short. Winky constantly winks and smiles at the camera as he is doing all of this. He calls the young boy over and shows his the `dwarf'. The young boy laughs and holds his stomach.

Title-Here, boy. I'll give you an apple if you'll go over there and tell those gentlemen there's a funny dwarf here, but don't say I told you.

The boy runs off and tells the two men about the `dwarf'. They both smile and follow the boy. Winky then runs over to their picnic and takes their food, drink and rifles.

The two men walk over to the `dwarf', look at him and exclaim and then leave the area. When they get back to their picnic they look around in anger.

Title-Why, that blooming kid has robbed us.

They head off in the same direction together. Winky spreads pieces of bread and bottles of beer all around the sleeping tramp. He smiles at the camera as he does it. He keeps some of the food, drink and one of the guns for himself, and then he runs off.

In the next shot the two men come across the tramp and their belongings.

Title-Well, I's this dirty tramp that robbed us after all.

They both attack the tramp and pull him up and out of the hole; he is much bigger than them. He grabs them both.

Title-How dare you play tricks on a hard-working British subject-I'll make German sausage of you, I will.

He drags them both away.

Winky is in the bushes watching all of this. He smiles and puts his two fingers up at the men.

The tramp makes the two men take off their jackets and trousers.

Winky grins and shakes his fists in delight. The two men run off half dressed.