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YFA 5788



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Made by Yorkshire filmmaker Eric Hall, this is holiday travelogue of the French capital and includes visits to famous sights including the Arc de Triomphe and the Moulin Rouge.  The film contains intertitles identifying the places visited.  

Title – A Hallmark Production
Title – Window on Paris
Title – Photographed and edited by J Eric Hall
Title – Place de la Concorde, spacious heart of Paris

Buses and car traffic throngs the streets around the Place de la Concorde, a large central square. The columns of the Roman Catholic church La Madeleine can be seen from a distance. 

Title – The Arc de Triomphe is at the head of the famous…

A street sign for the Champs-Élysées is seen followed by the busy traffic along the famous avenue. A traffic conductor stands in the centre and directs vehicles.  Tourists survey the view of the city from the top of the archway, including the Eiffel Tower and the traffic below.

Title – Beneath the gigantic arch is he [sic] tomb of the unknown warrior

Flowers lie on top of the large rectangular plaque which marks the site of the Unknown Soldier’s tomb.

Title – While beneath this dome lies another warrior…Napoleon

The golden dome of the grand building known as Les Invalides is seen from the outside.

Title – The Cathedral of Notre Dame

Various details of the cathedral are seen from the outside, including the details of stone carvings on the façade.

Title – Beautiful bridges and colourful boats adorn the Seine.

A statue of a gold winged horse on top of a square pillar can be seen from across a busy bridge. Boats pass under other bridges and the Eiffel Tower straddles the river.

A red fringed awning reads ‘Balcon du Ciel’ and sightseers including the filmmaker’s son look out from a high vantage point on the Eiffel Tower. Mary Hall, the filmmaker’s wife, selects postcards and the pair look out at the view. A lift descends the tower.

Title – Another famous rendezvous

The Moulin Rouge cabaret club with its windmill on the rooftop can be seen from across the street.

Title – Cafés and fashions continental

A woman in a fashionable dress and hat walks towards the camera while a waiter in a white jacket serves patrons at a street-side café. Children and adults walk in pleasant gardens, women wearing off-the-shoulder blouses sit at the base of a statue, and Mrs Hall and her son perch on the pavement wearing sunglasses. 

Title – The fabulous palace of Versailles…

Cars arrive in the grounds of the palace and a large statue of Louis XIV on horseback is seen. Visitors stroll around and a woman in 18th century costume leans against a car and chats to two men. Vast ornamental gardens surround the palace, with manicured hedges and neat flowerbeds.

Title – The Louvre – Its gardens and pigeons…

The gardens of the Louvre are alive with colourful flowers and green lawns. Visitors stroll about and some feed the multitudes of pigeons. Mrs Hall catches some on her hand and her son takes a photograph.

Title – Cathedral of Sacre Coeur, spiritual heart of Paris

The bright white minarets of the cathedral in Montmartre are seen from outside, followed by its stained glass windows. A newly married couple leave the church, passing altar boys who stand at the doorway.

Title – The End