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YFA 4844



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This is a film from the Nowell collection showing the Nidderdale valley and river, and some of the towns and villages.  The film focuses on people enjoying themselves outdoors and on various leisure pursuits.

Title – Winding Ways

Intertitle – Charming Nidderdale with its cosy homesteads and pastoral scenery.

The film begins with children paddling in the River Nidderdale.  The water is rushing over the rocks.  A woman looks out over Scar House Reservoir and then walks across the dam.  She has her arm around a girl.  They drive off in a car through the surrounding valley, and the car is followed by some sheep.  A single deck red and cream bus (number 27) from Lofthouse passes through Ramsgill village. 

Further along the river a couple of children play with their father.  The film shows Ramsgill church and two decorated chimneys on The Yorke Arms into which some people enter.  There are more views of the river and of Canadian Geese.  The village is shown with a couple of railway wagons on a railway line going over a stone bridge. 

At Pately Bridge there are cars and shoppers, and a green hut with ‘Walker’s Stores’ written on the side.  Then there is a village cricket match and a playground with children on various rides, including a slide, a roundabout, a boat swing and a rocking horse.

This is followed by a lake with a canoe, a radio controlled model boat and children swimming, and with people relaxing in the sun on the grass banks.  Some children walk over an old stone packhorse bridge over the river.  There are some rapids near to a mill on the river, and further along children are playing in the river near a bridge.  Fish are being unloaded from large buckets into the river.  Swans swim on a lake near a large outdoor event.  There is an agricultural show with children and ponies and cups being presented for the winners of competitions for cattle and horses.

Back on the river children and adults are swimming and going on punts and rowing boats at Knaresborough. Crowds of sightseers, including young women in shorts, walk around the various places to visit.  Others line the river where they have milkshakes.  Others play on the putting green and look around the castle.  Shoppers mill around the many stalls in the market, with some women try on dresses.  Other local sights are shown, including the Dropping Well and the House in the Rock.  A man buys a beer at a bar where patrons are having a drink in the garden. 

Again children play in the river, while others are fishing.  Two small girls are fishing with string tied to tin cans and they examine their catch of fish which they have put into jam jars.

Next is the wheat harvest.  The hay is loaded onto a cart which is pulled by a horse.  Following this is footage of a village green with a pond and geese, followed by more children playing in the river, and others out on small boats.

The End.