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YFA 1175



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This promotional film shows the production of Wimsol cleaning products at their factory in Keighley; including research, production, distribution, selling and marketing of the final product.  It also shows a works outing to Blackpool.


Title: ‘The Story of Wimsol Lmtd.’  ‘Produced by T Wimsol’

The film opens showing an old factory surrounded by with rows of terraced housing.

Intertitle: ‘raw chemicals collected and delivered into firms storage tanks by own tank wagon’  A man connnects a pipe form the tank truck going into the factory.

Intertitle: ‘Empties being unloaded from one of the lorries, stripping caps from bottles before pasiing to the washing department.’  Crates of empty bottles are stacked in a warhouse, the old tops are removed and they are placed onto a conveyer belt.

Intertitle: ‘Bottle washing department where ‘cleanliness is niext to good sales’  Women load steamed cleaned bottles form off a conveyir belt back into the crates.  They then go into a further cleaning process.

Intertitle: ‘pipe lines from storage to mixing tanks which also feed vacuum filling machine’  A man adjusts the valves on some pipes, and then there is a large tank of chemicals being mixed. Before we see women filling bottles from a machine. 

Intertitle: ‘Capping and automatic labelling’  The bottles go onto a conveyor belt where women put caps on them.  A machine then automaically presses these on tight. And at the end of a conveyor belt they are put back into crates.

Intertitle: ‘The finished product rolls down the conveyor inot the loading bay ready for despatch’  At the end of the coneyor belt a man piles up the crates.

Intertitle: ‘Turpentine being filled, capped, labelled and cartoned’  A line of women perform these functions whilst someone sets up a cine camera to film them.

Intertitle: ‘Sudsol being made, then filled, capped and labelled.’  A man stirs a large vat of liquid with a wooden stirrer and a line of women perform the other functions.

Intertitle: ‘Steam raising for soap pans bottle washing and firms general heating.’  A man stokes a fire in a furnace, and ther resulting smoke is shown coming out of a tall chimney.

Intertitle: ‘Vehicle maintenance and petrol supply, also part of the stores’  In a workshop a man works on a lathe, and another mechanic fills a truck with petrol.  In the warhoues a man checks the orders.

Intertitle: ‘leaving one of the garages lorries pull around for loading’  two lories leave the garage and back up to the loading bay where they get loaded with crates.

Intertitle: ‘After loading, part of our fleet leave to sell our products. WE HOPE?’  A lione of lorries, of different shapes and sizes are shown leaving the factory whilst a freight train passes by in the background.

(Col)  Intertitle:All the firms products are under the watchful eye of Mr tetley, Works Chemist’  Mr Tetley performs various tests in a laboratory.

Intertitle: ‘Mr Perrin, Works Manager, responsible for labour, works production and goods delivery’  Mr Perrin is at his desk working on some papers.

Intertitle: ‘The problem after production os selling.  Mr Shackelton Sales Manager is responsible for this task’  Mr Shackelton is also at his desk working.

Intertitle: ‘To help sales, various forms of publicity are given to our products at a yearly cost to the company of upwards of £15,000 on advertising’   Various advertisements for Wimsol products like Sudsol and Atsol, one on the side of a bus.  At an exhibition a stall has a revolving model house demonstrating all the different uses of Wimsol products which are displayed on shelves.  Inside the model are labels in each room: For Spotless Table Linen, Removes offensive smells and Refreshing for your bath.   A cartoon shows a woman inspecting her washing hanging up on a line and a sparkling house with the caption, ‘Wimsol ceratinly cleans right through the home’, and ‘Wimsol 101 uses in the home’.

Intertitle: ‘The sale completed to shop and customers, this is achieved by efforts of all concerned’  A man unloads his lorries in the pouring rain, and inside a grocery shop some of the products are on display and they serve a customer.

Intertitle: ‘After sales.  Mr Crabtree Works Accountant with part of his staff, responsible form seeing that customers don’t pay their accounts twice.  SOME HOPE.’  A secretary is working in her office answering the phone and typing, alnogside other office workers.

Intertitle: ‘Mr Chapman, Director who is responsible for liaison bteween three factories and general co-ordination.’  Mr chapman is busy working in his office.

Intertitle: ‘The moring mail which stes the wheels of our factories’  A postman arrives with the mail which is then collected.

Intertitle: ‘The Old Man  who always whistles to warn all the employees that he is approaching.’  A man in a clean white overall looks through the post and issues instructions to an assistant.

Intertitle: ‘Hang out the washing on the Wimsol line’  Washing is shown hung out across cobbled streets.

Intertitle: ‘Broomtime’  A woman is sweeping a corridor.

Intertitle: ‘Parkwood Nightingales’  A group of women workers are having a tea break.

Intertitle: ‘League of Nations’  A group of men are standing outside by the gates having a break.

Intertitle: ‘Picking a living’  An old fella is digging earth with a pick and shovelling onto the back of a lorry.

Intertitle: ‘Pleasures’  The workforce line up for the camera in front of the buses which are to rtake them to Blackpool.  They board the buses and depart.

Intertitle: ‘Treasures’  Various items of value are shown, including a clock presented to the Directors by the employees on 9th May 1951, in appreciation of the day spent at Blackpool.

The End