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NEFA 21965



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A home movie made by the Neesham family of Redcar begins with a woman taking her new-born child to show colleagues at ICI Wilton near Redcar. Women at work in a laboratory and office are followed by a visit to the Wilton site by Princess Margaret and views of the women waiting to see the Royal visitor. The film also features a hockey match between men and women taking place in a field near Wilton and a visit to Scarborough. The remainder of the film consists of a series of weddings that generally begin with the bride and her father posing for the camera followed by the couple after the service posing for photographs. The final wedding also features the reception and the film ends with the couple and other guests leaving the venue, some carrying section of wedding cake.  

The film opens in an office of the Medical Department at ICI Wilton with a woman feeding a baby. The film changes to show a second woman feeding the child watched by a group of other women in the office. The film cuts to show some of the women coming out of a building and walking along a path.

The film cuts to a laboratory at ICI Wilton and a woman wearing a lab coat working at a bench surrounded by chemical equipment. The film cuts to an office and views of women typing and taking phone calls. A view of a woman in a nurse's uniform cuts to a man in a lab coat sitting in a chair as the nurse bandages his hand.

Outside the nurse walks towards a building then the film cuts to a general view of the Wilton site and three young men sitting on grass nearby. They wave at the camera.

A man in a red sports car drives away as the film cuts to four woman crossing a road. General views show a small crowd standing along the road, the film cuts to show a large black car turning past them. A group of nurses stand beside three men in lab coats, one of the women waves a flag.

A view of a vase of flowers cuts to show Princess Margaret stepping out of a car and being introduced to a number of ICI dignitaries. General views show the crowds standing around, then Princess Margaret steps back into her vehicle.

The film cuts to show a bride and her father posing for the camera, she is carrying a bouquet of roses. A brief view of them walking into the church cuts to the bride and her new husband coming out of the church following the service to a waiting crowd. They get into a large car and are driven away. A woman stands beside a Morris Minor car, the film cuts to show the bride and groom posing for official photographs.
Views show a hockey match taking place between two teams of men and women in a field close to the site of ICI Wilton. The film cuts to show some of the players lying on the ground resting as a man comes towards the camera holding up a hockey stick. The match gets underway again with more views of players moving the ball across the pitch.


A woman in a wedding dress walks towards a church with her father, then the bride and her husband coming out of the church. They stand in the doorway posing for the camera. Other guests come out of the church and the bride poses with her bridesmaids. General views show the photographer taking photographs of various family groups alongside the couple outside the church. The bride waves at the camera from the wedding car followed by a smartly dressed woman walking towards the camera in the street.


General views of various well-dressed men and women stepping out of cars. The bride steps from her car carrying a bouquet and poses for the camera with her father. The film cuts to show general views of the bride and her husband posing with their families for official photographs with various members of the wedding party outside the church. The film changes to shows them posing for more photographs outside a building in a street. The film changes to show the couple comimg out of the building down a set of steps where their friends and family throw confetti on them.

General views of smartly dressed women standing in a street chatting. The film cuts to show the happy couple coming out of the building in civilian clothing.
The film cuts to a general view looking down onto the harbour and seafront at Scarborough. A woman walks down a set of narrow steps then she joins others walking along the Scarborough seafront. General views show the boats moored in the harbour and people walking along the seafront.

The film changes to show two smartly dressed women coming out of a terraced house. A bride comes out of the house and gets into a car parked outside. The film cuts to her stepping out of the car and posing with her father before heading into the church.

Standing together in the church doorway, the bride stands with her husband. She then hands a wedding horseshoe to a small girl before getting into a car. The film cuts to show the wedding party standing near a green area and the bride getting into another car and being driven away.

[Dark]. General views show the wedding party enjoying a meal during the reception. The couple step out of the reception venue and into a car. Inside the car the bride, holding her bouquet smiles for the camera. The couple are driven away. The film ends with views of other members of the wedding party leaving the reception venue, some carrying tiers of the wedding cake and posing with it on the street.