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YFA 4101

WILSON FAMILY 1945, 1941, 1937, 1934


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This is footage taken during the period from 1934 to 1945 and captures many different members of the family. Also included are shots of Scarborough covered in snow from 1934 and also some magenta-tinted shots taken in springtime. The footage gives an insight into the family outings, local religious processions and the fashions being worn at the time by the Wilson family.

The film opens with seven men and women of varying ages wearing warm hats and coats; they are standing outside a redbrick building and posing for the camera.

The next shot shows the same people lined up at railings beside the sea, they are all smiling at the camera. One of the men has the life raft around his neck and is smoking; he tips his hat at the camera and smiles.

Snowy Scarborough in 1934, and the snow-covered trees and park area can be seen. The houses, sheds, benches, bird bath, seating area and gazebo around the area are all covered in snow. A man shovels snow from the path.

From a hill and looking across to the sea, another hill can be seen. There is a tower building visible on the opposite hill.

Magenta tinted shots of a spring garden with lots of daffodils. There is a small valley covered in daffodils and nearby a streetscape.

A pier is swamped by big waves crashing over the railings and across the path. A few men and boys watch from afar. There is another shot of the rough sea taken from the shore and looking directly out to the horizon.
A sheep and lamb are in a field eating the grass, and nearby, there is a paddock and a stone farmhouse which is surrounded by stone walls and outhouses. A large leafless oak tree is beside the outhouses and further across the land to the left is a forest. (According to a note on the tin, these last few shots were taken in 1937.)

A religious procession snakes along the streets of a town. This is a Roman Catholic procession celebrating in Virgin Mary. Crowds of young girls wearing white dresses and veils walk along, reading or singing from booklets. Some of the girls carry banners with religious iconography, and a few men carry a Virgin Mary statue on a pedestal covered in daffodils.

A young girl dressed in a hat and pink coat walks along a park path towards the camera. She passes by flowerbeds full of flowers and then walks along another path past a large house on the grounds.

A teenage girl in a light blue dress comes out of some French doors of a redbrick house (seen at the start of this film), and smiles as she bounces a small ball and walks towards the camera.

A woman sits in an armchair in a patch of sunlight and appears to talk to the cameraman. She reaches for a book from a pile in front of her and flicks through the pages. She does the same with another book as she looks at the camera.

A young woman in a smart grey skirt and hat walks around the corner of the house. She is followed by three other women, also dressed up in fur trimmed coats, hats, and gloves.

There is a view of a large beige house set onto grounds and another shot of this house taken from far away.

An older man and a young girl walk arm-in-arm down a path followed by three women of varying ages all dresses in fur trimmed hats and coats. They all walk back up the path again and stand in front of the house and pose for the camera.

There is a brief shot of a young woman with a black hat smiling at the camera.

Next, two women walk along a residential road. Then the two woman walk down the path, arm-in-arm with an older man. They sit down, smile and talk to the cameraman. A young girl comes out of the house with a pillow and sits on it on a bench.

Two older women and an older man sit in the sunshine and smile at the camera; one of them gets up and starts talking and two other women join them.

Finally, two women drive down the road on motor bikes. They are greeted by a woman outside a house. They are followed later by a man on a motor bike who is also greeted by the same woman.

(It is possible that this is the family of June Wilson, wife of John Simpson. See catalogue number 4113.)