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YFA 4393



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This is a film of the two Wilkinson boys, David and John, going fishing near where they lived in Beighton, Sheffield. The film also features the area around where they used to live. Mrs Wilkinson provides a commentary.

The film shows some old cine film from the 1960s, with a woman providing a commentary for her son, John. There are some large warehouses and a diesel train passes. Then two boys are fishing: her two sons when they were children. They walk over a bridge, David in the front, John at the back. The bridge crosses four sets of railway lines, which used to be crossed by pitmen on the way to the pit. It shows a road (possibly Armstead Road or Station Road) near to where they used to skate, but which has changed much in the meantime. The boys cross over the bridge and look down onto the River Rother near Beighton Station (now just a level crossing), where there is a railway sidings.

The film switches to show a little girl from up the road called Anette Cartlidge, with her father Brian. Then it shows the road where they used to live in Beighton going down to the station (possibly Woodhouse Lane). Then the road to Eckington, which is now built up with houses. There is the sign for Armstead Road overlooking fields which is now houses. There are rocks, the Gospel Hall and the Church Hall at Beighton (where Mrs Wilkinson met her husband, Ken).