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YFA 3132



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This film was taken during a day out in the countryside in 1965. The film shows the Ramsdens and their friends out on walks around North Yorkshire. The couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-Whitsundtide 1965

Title-On the terrace above Rievaulx.

Betty, Freda and their husbands are on a hill overlooking the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey. Betty takes a photograph of it. Then Betty has her photograph taken, and she and Freda wander around some of the ruins of the terrace. They make funny faces and stances while pictures are taken.

They all drive down a country lane and look around the ruins. Betty takes a photograph of some nuns that are also wandering around. They take out their picnic and their chairs and sit beside the car eating boiled eggs and drinking tea. They pack up.

Title-Next stop..Hutton-Le-Hole

The couples walk across a river over some stepping stones and walk towards a stone house. They then walk across a little bridge.

Title-Just in time for the round Britain cycle race-run on milk!

Cyclists, cars and motorbikes all make their way through the village. Many people stop to watch.

Title-The End.