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YFA 4413



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This is a film of the activities of groups of children who are set various tasks to do in and around St Mary's Church in Beighton at Whitsun.

A man, Arthur, is mowing the grass in the grave yard at St Mary's Church, Beighton. Ken states that it is the Saturday before Whitsun Tide, and that Arthur, who has stopped for a cup of tea, is cutting the lawn. Arthur states that it takes him about 13 hours to cut the whole yard. On a windy day Ken films the surrounding area from the top of the Belo Church Tower. Horses are grazing below.

On Whit Sunday children, including Guides, Brownies and Rainbows, and parents, are gathered at the front of the Church at Whitsun. They then assemble in the Church Hall. One of the organisers, Rosemary Richards the vicar's wife, passes on instructions to the helpers relating to the day's activities. One group of Girl Guides is led to the Church Yard. The children walk around the yard with pieces of paper looking for clues on a treasure hunt, which involves inspecting the engravings of some of the grave stones. Another task the children have is to count the number of steps that are still in place of the original 41 steps. One of the helpers asks a group of children one of the questions on their task list: What is the name of the new junior school which is being built on the other side of the valley?

Back in the church some children climb up the stairs to the tower. In the tower a chart on the wall gives the sequences for the bell ringing. Up in the tower some children read out a plaque that states that 'This clock was donated by Rotherham Parish Council'. A group of children go looking for the 'Devil's Door', the last question on their list. In the Church Hall the children take part in three-legged and sack racing. There is also a skipping race. Afterwards they stop for refreshment and the vicar, the Revd. Alan Richards, hands out the prizes.