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NEFA 22299



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Amateur film by S. J. Rosslyn Smith of the wedding at Whitley Bay of Miss Frances Mary Temple and Mr Frank Fratonby (of Cullercoats), which took place at St Paul's Church, 18 June 1945, with the reception at the seafront Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay, North Tyneside. The wedding took place during World War Two. 

[Black and white film]

A woman is seated at home reading a newspaper, her terrier dog perched on the armchair head rest looking out of the window. Close-up of the article she is reading with headline ‘Bride’s Eighteen Attendants at Whitley Bay’.

[Colour film – first sequence running too fast]

Going back in time, it’s now the day of the wedding recorded in the newspaper. A young girl brings a hat to the same woman, now seated at the back door of her home and dressed up smartly. She places the sun bonnet on her child’s head. The two head off.

General exterior view of St Paul’s Church, Whitley Bay. Guests begin to arrive at the church. A woman wearing a fur stole is holding a box, possibly containing a corsage. A line of young girls, the attendants, line the path to the church. All are dressed the same in white ballet style dresses with white lace hats. More guests and family arrive in their best outfits, including a gentleman in top hat and tails. Two young men, the ginger-haired groom and best man, arrive smiling at the church in matching pale grey waistcoats. Many wealthy guests continue to arrive, some of the women carrying bouquets of flowers. Four young women arrive in pale turquoise and white lace bridesmaid dresses and matching hats, carrying bouquets of pink flowers. Two younger bridesmaids are in white dresses carrying small bouquets of pale pink flowers, accompanied by their young mother.

Group portrait of the bridesmaids at the church entrance.

A couple arrive as guests at the wedding. The bride’s father arrives arm-in-arm with his daughter in a white wedding dress and veil.

After the wedding service, the bride and groom emerge from the church married and are showered in confetti. They smile happily. Group portrait of the newly married couple, best man and bridesmaids. The married couple pose for the camera, all the guests gathered behind them. They begin to leave. The parents of the young couple pose for the camera.

People line the pavements outside the church where the wedding cars are waiting. The cars begin to drive away.

General view of the grand Rex Hotel on the Whitley Bay seafront where the reception is to take place. The newly married couple pose outside the hotel with bridesmaids and close family and friends.

Grains of rice spell out 18 June on a pavement, with a scattering of confetti. The camera pulls back to reveal a hand-painted ‘Just Married’ sign on the back of a car.