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NEFA 20213



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Home movie footage of bonfire night celebrations in rural north Northumberland, and scenes of a family at leisure at Whitley Bay beach, and exploring the Roman ruins around Hadrian's Wall.

Views of a military ceremony(?). A field gun is prepared.

View of an unlit bonfire (?). A child wearing a rosette poses in front of the unlit bonfire. Next, view of the flaming bonfire at night.

Title: Heddon
Views of two lambs and a ewe; later, some calfs.

A gentleman, smartly dressed and smoking a pipe, feeds a Friesian cow.

View of tree branches

A man stands beside a river or lake.

A man tries to feed his hat to a goat.

View of ducks, geese, chickens.

View of a solitary rural house, the man poses in front.

Portrait shots of men in woodland, and roadside.

Title: Festival scenes 1937

On a merry-go-round, a child rides aboard a toy battleship; other children ride in cars and trains.

View of a loop-the-loop fairground ride.

An American Indian performs stage show at the fairground.

Another scene is filmed at Whitley Bay beach, where a child makes a sandcastle on a beach. Various seaside scenes: a child pets a donkey; views of the beach promenade, with Spanish City in the background.

Title: All aboard

View of St Mary’s Lighthouse, filmed from aboard a boat. A sailor stands underneath a Royal Ensign flag, on board the boat; then views of the family. A boy sits on a deck chair.

The following scene shows the family at leisure in their garden. Man lights his pipe.

Close-up shots of two photographs, showing a World war One army ambulance and a portrait of a soldier.

Two children pose with a dog on a park bench

View of a mother holding her child outside a house.

Title: Roman Wall Tour 1937

Title: Roman Milestones

Title: At Vindolana [sic. – Vindolanda]

Views around the Roman fort. Man sniffs a flower.
Man poses at the top of a watch tower.

Title: The Stanegate

Title: The Twice Brewed Inn

Views of the exterior of the Twice Brewed pub at Bardon Mill, near Hexham in Northumberland.

Close-up of the pub sign: “The Twice Brewed licenced to sell ales, wines, teas, tobacco; teas provided”.

Title: North of the Wall

Title: Crag Lough

Views of the craggy landscape.

Title: Housesteads. Hotbank, crag etc.

Views of the rugged landscape.

Title: Roman Milecastle.

Views of the ancient Roman ruins.