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NEFA 20474



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An amateur travelogue and holiday film briefly exploring locations in Northumberland and Edinburgh, before documenting the 1934 Newcastle Festival military parade, a circus funfair in Newcastle, and a whirlwind 24-hour trip to London.

Travelling shot, by car, driving along a tree lined narrow road.

Title: Beadnell Hall

Views of a country house.

Title: Berwick

Panoramic views of the bridges over the River Tweed at Berwick upon Tweed.

Title: Drybu[rgh] Abbe[y] / Brytor Productions

Views of the abbey ruins.

Title: Newcastle Race Week 1934
Title: June

Brief shot of a seaside bay, a lighthouse, and sand dunes [possibly St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, as seen from the north side].

Title: Wednesday Edinburgh.
Title: Morning Castle Etc.

Views of Edinburgh city centre: the Scott Monument, the castle, the New Town, Prince’s Street, etc.

Title: Holyrood Palace

Views of the palace.

Title (animated): Afternoon / The Zoo

Views of various animals in their cages and enclosures: a leopard, a deer, a huskie or wolf (?), a peacock. Views of a man and a performing monkey putting on a show in the zoo garden.

Title: Real Not Models

View of a group of penguins stood by the side of a pool. Otter. Flamingo.

Title: All the week Newcastle Festival

View of a march-by of British Army cavalry officers, mounted on horses. The rear ranks of the brigades are towing field guns. Other soldiers and service personnel march past, including a group of female nurses. A household foot guard leads a procession of civilians who march behind him wearing flat caps and bowler hats; one of their party carries a flag with an image of two crossed rifles on it, another carries a Union flag. An N.F.B. [Newcastle Fire Brigade] fire engine follows the parade.

View of a fly-past of five biplanes flying in V formation.

Title: More Jubilations

Title: Race Week

Views of fairground rides and attractions: a high-speed spinning ride; a man and woman wearing circus attire attract customers into their sideshow from a stage – they hold hoardings, “SHOWING ALL THE TIME”, “SEAT[…] / GUARANT[…] / BY COMING I[…]”; dodgems; and giant open-mouthed gawping man circus sideshow hoarding. Views of clowns banging drums as customers file into attractions. A group of performers hold advertising boards, “SEE THE PERFORMNG ELEPHANT”. Another man advertises, “SEE LADY SHOT OUT OF A HOLE (?) CANNON […]. Some African performers dance at a Samson attraction.

Title: 24 hours in London

View of the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, looking towards Clock Tower and the Houses of Parliament. Admiralty Arch. Westminster Abbey. Various buildings along the River Thames. Trippers aboard a river-cruise or ferry. An elephant at London Zoo.

Title: Jubilee
[Jubilee is the name of London Zoo chimpanzee Boo Boo’s baby, the first baby chimpanzee to be born at the zoo]

Views of chimpanzee monkeys in a cage or enclosure at London Zoo. Brief shot of a giraffe’s legs and body. View of a woman holding a penguin by the wing as it waddles alongside a pool. A zoo-keeper feeds penguins in their enclosure.

Title: The End
Title: Brytor Productions