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YFA 2650



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This is a short amateur film made by K.G. Tofield which follows a group of people who go for a trek up some mountains in the Peak District in the heavy snow.

Title-White World

Title-Produced by K.G. Tofield

Title-The storm breaks.

The film opens with a snow-covered countryside; there is a light blizzard. Two woman struggle to make their way towards the camera and through the snow.


There is a shot of a garden which is covered in snow and snow- covered landscapes.

Title-The lower slopes of Kinder's bleak plateau.

A woman stands with her skis propped up. She stabs her ski sticks into the snow. The shots show her in an area surrounded by snowy mountains.

Two men stand under large icicles. They both look to the camera, and one of them has pulled an icicle from the ice and holds it up pretending to use it as a telescope.

Title-Hard going up Grindslow Knoll.

Several people climb up and across a steep hill.

Title-Four Jack's Cabin.

Men and women clamber out of a cabin which is surrounded by heavy snow. They gather together outside and begin to trek across the snow.

Title-Near Crowden Head.

A long shot of the snowy landscape shows a dark figured man climbing towards the camera. He jumps down from a height onto a lower section of snow.

Title-Crowden Towers.

The group of people trek up some very steep hills through the heavy snow.

There are some shots taken from high up; the valleys are all visible below.

Title-Toboggans not needed here.

The group slide and fall down a hill one-by-one.

In the next scene two of the women have a snow ball fight and a small terrier dog plays in the snow with them.

Title-The End.