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YFA 2021



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This film documents a few trips which were taken by the White Rose of York Conclave. The White Rose of York Conclave is a Masonic group based in Sheffield. The film includes footage of some of the scenic places which they visited including Dovedale and Haworth.

Title - White Rose of York Conclave visit Carlton Lakes and Southwell Minster, 3rd June 1948

The film opens in colour with men walking along the banks of Carlton Lake. The film then switches to black and white and shows some of the men on the coach which will take them to the Minster. One of the men is smoking a pipe. Then, they arrive at the Mister and make their way around the grounds. This portion of the film ends as various members of the Conclave are lined up outside the Southwell Minster. Many of them are smoking.

Title - Hallamshire Collegiates visit the Bronte Country Haworth 28th May, 1949

Colour - The men and women along on the outing walk through the cobbled streets of the village of Haworth. There is an exterior shot of the Bronte Museum.

Title - Antiquity's Gong for the Rajah of Bong. Who Summoned the Throng!

A man chimes a gong which is displayed outside an antique shop.

Title - Bankfield Hotel, Bingley

Members of the Conclave walk around the grounds of the hotel.

Title - Bolton Abbey.

At the Abbey, the group spends time wandering through the grounds.

Title - After Tea at the Fell Hotel, Burnsall.

All those on the outing have tea at the hotel. There are well shot scenes of the coach and countryside backdrop.

Title - The Steepest Bend on Greenhow Moor

The coach is making its way up the steep bend, though it is not carrying any passengers. They are all walking nearby on the grass and road.

Title - Dinner at the Prospect Hotel, Harrogate

Everyone is seated at tables for dinner. Next, there is a brief shot of Mr. Ibberson walking outside.

Title - A Conclave of White Roses in Dovedale 25th June, 1949
Title - In Bretton Clough

Members of the Conclave are at Dovedale. All the gentlemen are dressed in suits and ties, and many of them smoke pipes. They walk around the scenic countryside of Dovedale. Then, three cars (Rovers) drive through the ford in a very picturesque scene.

Title - Gliding at Camphill Hucklow

At the Gliding Club at Hucklow, all the gentlemen, dressed in suits, are gathered around. Billy Ibberson is in the plane and films aerial shots from above the airfield as well as gliders taking off and landing. The film closes with three men sitting on a bench and smiling for the camera.