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This film is a promotional film for the White Fish Authority, part of the Hull Maritime Museum Collection. The film shows the many different aspects of the work of the Authority in Britain and across the World, but focusing on the Industrial Development Unit in Hull.

The White Fish Authority Present - Serving a Changing Industry
Camera - Mike Walker, Ray Redfern, Tony Poulton
Sound - Richard Guttridge
Commentary - Duncan Varse
Producer - Ted Bullock
Script and Direction - Tom Wray

The film opens with a fisherman at sea unloading a catch from his net into a fishing boat, with the narrator proclaiming the wise words of Lao Tzu, 'give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach him how to fish, feed him for everyday'. The commentary goes on to explain the advances in fishing in recent years, such as new refrigeration methods. It then explains the White Fish Authority, set up in 1951, with an office in Hull. A small fishing boat is shown being maintained in a dry dock. At the Authority's Industrial Development Unit in Hull most of the technical development is done. Their members of staff are shown at work out in the fishing industry and in their workshops in many different areas. In the modern electronics laboratory electrical engineers are at work on their projects. There is a computer room and industrial workshops. The film then shows fishing using an outmoded chain 'tickling' system, which can be replaced with a long line electronic system, which is also shown in action.

In one room detailed sea charts are being made. Blue whiting fish are shown being fished and processed, using a new machine. Some of the products are exported to Japan. The fish are shown being minced in a machine to make surimi, which is shown being packaged. A team of food technologists carries out consumers trials in a premise in Epson. The White Fish Authority has a mobile teaching unit that goes around the ports giving instruction in various fields relevant to fishing.

Back in Hull there is one of the world's largest recirculating, or flume, tanks. Here practical courses are taught to fishermen. At the White Fish Authority Marine Farming Unit at Hunterston new processes are developed for fish farming. The same is taking place at the other Unit at Ardtoe. In 1968 the Authority established a professional consultancy service for the fishing industry in other countries - a map shows the over 40 projects around the world. Two research vessels operate near Saudi Arabia, in the Red Sea and in the Gulf, on behalf of the Saudi Government. Fishermen operating off the Saudi coast are shown a work.

At the Authority's Industrial Development Unit new fishing vessels are being designed. The Authority also carries out studies for many countries, including the Moroccan sardine industry. Women are shown putting sardines into tins, and a Japanese fishermen are shown on their vessel. Back at Ardtoe a researcher carries out studies out on a boat. The work of the White Fish Authority is shown at home and abroad, with a 12 week course for overseas students.

End credits - This has been a G & R Production for the White Fish Authority

The End