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YFA 3921



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Filmed by Herbert Johnson, this film captures events and social gatherings of the Whitby Yacht Club. The club members take part in many activities such as a hunting meet, a gymkhana, a parade, and fishermen at Whitby by docks, swimming and boat races in Whitby harbour and rough waters at Whitby.

The film begins with a man wearing a suit and hat who walks past hounds and people on horseback preparing for a hunt. The riders lead the hounds down a country road, and they are followed by the other riders on horseback. The huntsmen make their way across the countryside following the hounds. After the hunt, the riders stop outside the pub and drink ale and whiskey whilst still on horseback. After their drinks, the riders lead their horses away followed by the hounds.

In a field behind residential houses, a horse obstacle course competition is being held. A man rides his horse up to a fence and gate, opens the gate, rides the horse through it, and closes the gate behind him. Other competitors ride their horse through the gate in the same way, some having more difficulties with their horses than others. In another event, the competitors spin hula-hoops in front of them and run after it, pulling the horse by its reins behind them. The riders line up their horses waiting for the next event as a steam train passes in the background. A young girl sits on a pony as two older girls stand by her (21). The next event sees the riders weaving their horses through rows of sticks in the ground. The riders then get off their horses and stand at a table where they bob for apples before getting back on the horse and riding away.

In a parade, guards in uniforms and metal helmets ride horses through the streets. The guards ride their horses past a building with columns and a war memorial statue.

A group of people are sitting by the docks next to the fishing boats (BAIS). The woman sits next to a man, and a little boy sits with a group of fishermen. A variety of boats are in the docks surrounded by buildings. A fleet of boats carrying passengers sails out of the docks. At the side of the docks people are gathered watching the fishing boats landing fish using baskets on ropes to swing them from their boats to the docks. The fishermen load the baskets of fish into wooden boxes.

The waves coming into the harbour from the sea are dangerously rough. The waves crash against the cliffs and the beach and against the barriers.

At the docks, several men with ores row a boat. Crowds of people gather around to watch the life boat being launched into the water. The men row their boat through the harbour (43), and crowds of people stand on the docks to watch. Many varieties of boats sail out of the harbour. Men row a long boat in a race in the harbour. In the harbour a swimming race takes place. The boat the Yorkshireman is sailed out of the harbour with passengers on board. In the harbour a boat with a banner START has competitors of the swimming race jump off into the water for the race. Another boat race in the harbour takes place. Crowds of people line the docks watching the events taking place. A man in a canoe paddles in the harbour past the swimming race. Boats are gathered in the middle of the harbour decorated with bunting. Men stand on the edge of two boats with mops in their hands trying to push each other off into the water.

Children wearing fancy dress stand in a long row. A girl is dressed as a birthday cake, a boy dressed as a pirate, two boys dressed as scouts, bride and groom. The parade travels down the street with people following the children in fancy dress. A stairway is decorated with bunting and flags.

Boats sail from the harbour out to sea and carrying various passengers. A sailor plays the accordion as a man plays the banjo smoking a cigarette. Men, women, children, and sailors gather together on the beach. At the rear of a boat sailing on the sea a man sits with a girl on his lap wearing a hat. Men, women, sailors and children wave on the beach in front of the cliffs of the bay. Three men two women and a little girl sit on the back of a boat out at sea. Large liners sail out at sea (NAUTILUS) alongside a pirate ship. Tug boats are moored in the harbour. Ships sail out at sea. On the deck of a ship down long corridor passengers throw disks in a game.

A long boat sails on the water towards a grand hotel that looks like an Indian palace. Three men in suits walk past a caf? on the side of the river.

On board a ship members of the crew including the chef wear their life jackets and walk along the top deck of the ship where the passengers are. On the rough sea, a boat is sailed towards the large ship. A sailor gets off the boat and boards the ship via a rope ladder. A ship sails out at sea ELBE 5. On board a ship people are being given a tour of the machinery on the top deck.

Rough sea in the harbour with waves crashing into the beach, cliffs and barriers. The waves roll into the bay from far out at sea. Ten men row in a boat into the mouth of the harbour on the rough waves. The waves are so dangerous the boat is nearly capsized, but the men bring the boat safely into the harbour.

An aeroplane is driven across a field (G A CLO) and takes off. Women and men sit by their car enjoying a picnic.