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YFA 2733



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This brief film is part of a collection that records a family from York's trips to the coast and countryside around North Yorkshire. The films were all shot by the Lord Mayor of York's son and are a child's view of these days before World War Two.

The film opens with a shot taken from high above the looking down onto Whitby beach below; crowds of people are on the sand and in the sea. The next shot is taken from much nearer the beach and it is easy to see the people on their deck chairs and going into the sea.

Two young girls run towards the sea with a bucket and a spade. Then there is a brief shot of a man sitting on a deckchair with a pipe and of a little girl smiling at the camera.

One of the girls digs a channel in the sand and fills it with water. A man comes up and looks at what she has done. The final shot is of ice-cream men in horse drawn carriages parked along a road.