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YFA 2150



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This film is a record of the Whitby Regatta.

Title - The Regatta Whitby

The film begins with long shots over the harbour in bright sunshine, with hundreds of people lining the streets. People wave from the roof of Woolworths. There are shots taken from the pavement of floats and wagons in procession, including cowboys and Indians, nursery rhyme characters, Father Christmas, marching bands and majorettes. It is very colourful.

The next sequence is taken from a high point and the shots are of the procession, the harbour and the sea. The sky and sea are very blue. The next shots are of the funfair, and there are many large carnival rides set up. Huge crowds have gathered for the event.

The next sequence is of pedallos on the boating lake and the miniature railway taking children round a small circular track. This is followed by a model boat display. There is a group of bikers on the promenade who have BSAs and Triumphs.

The next sequence is of the Red Arrows air display team which captures the planes as they soar through the blue sky in formation, many letting off coloured smoke as they fly.

The next general views are of the boats in the harbour. Boats make their way in and out as they sail around the bay. These boats include the Whitby Lifeboat and many pleasure boats, and the masts are colourfully decorated.

The film ends with a fireworks display and a sunset over the harbour.

Title - The Regatta The End