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YFA 353



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of his family holiday at Whitby, focusing on their young children Rachel and John. Made at the same time as 'Rachel Discovers the Sea', the film gives a wonderful picture of a seaside holiday in the 1930s.

The film starts with their dog, a white and black wire Fox Terrier, looking out at the view onto the sea from a cliff. This view is then shown which includes the pier. Rachel and John are sitting with their grandparents and nurse, whilst Charles plays ball with the dog. Then Charles' wife, Grace, also plays ball with the dog by the sea. In the garden of their holiday house overlooking the sea, Rachel is wearing a bowler hat, and is then posing with her father on the cliff. The dog digs a hole in the sand. Rachel and another little girl play with spades in a puddle on the beach with the dog. Grace and another woman take the girls and paddle in the sea, with the dog. Rachel climbs onto a sandcastle and falls down. A small baby, John, is sitting in a pram. The other girl plays football with her dad, a man in glasses. He and his wife lark about in the sea with the two children. One of the men films the little girl running with his hat on (white with a black band).

There is then a panoramic view of the bay and beach, with the Abbey on the hill. Grace walks towards the camera, pushing John in the pram. She sits on a bench with the dog. The other woman sits in the car (reg. ET 8214) and holding a baby. The two children pretend to be mechanics and hold tools as they look into the car bonnet. They are then back on the beach playing in the sand, with the adults playing with the dog. The man with the striped blazer plays with one of the babies in its pram. The dog is digging up the sand, with the children and adults building sandcastles. The children go paddling, while the parents go swimming, play football, and relax on deckchairs. The man with glasses makes a sandcastle for one of the girls to sit on. They play with a lilo and a beach ball, and continue making sandcastles and generally larking about.

Nearby, fishermen draw in their nets in their rowing boat. The four adults play a game of catch and then go for a walk along the shore. They all join in to make a sandcastle, and dig a trench to allow the sea water to go into the moat. They get in the castle and wave to the camera. Another Fox Terrier arrives. One of the women takes another cine camera into the sandcastle. At the end of the day they all walk up the steps from the beach back to their holiday house. A small girl, possibly Rachel, sits on a blanket in a garden with the dog's plastic fish. The film finishes with a sunset over the bay.