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YFA 479



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This film features a family trip to Whitby Beach.

The film opens with many people relaxing at the seaside. There are shots of the sea, and a group of people can be seen posing for the camera. Whitby harbour is filled with small sail boats and seagulls. Further out there is a larger ship with 3 masts. There is an elephant on the beach, accompanied by its trainer, and people gather around to see the spectacle. The film is then made up of smaller shots including a waterfall, mountain road, a passenger boat, the coastline, and the sea.
At St. Michael's Mount, a lady in a fur coat poses next to a monument. This is followed by shots of the piers at the seaside. A boat can be seen coming into shore from the sea near the pier. Additionally, others on holiday take horse and buggy rides on the beach, as well as enjoy the views and make sandcastles.