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YFA 2149



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This film documents a trip to Whitby.

The film begins with shots taken from inside a moving car. On the snow filled roads, broken down vehicles are at the sides, and a snow plough makes its way down the road. The car continues to travel down a road through the North Yorkshire Moors towards Whitby.

The car then approaches the village of Sleights located on the outskirts of Whitby. Spring is approaching, and a few daffodils are in bloom. There are also sheep grazing in the field.

The travellers have arrived at the harbour in Whitby, and there is an orange lifeboat in the harbour as well as a trawler with a flock of seagulls behind it. As it is winter time, the sea and coastline appears to look cold and stormy. The harbour where there are many different kinds of boats including the Torpell. There are shots of the river which is fast and full.

Waterloo Cottage, a listed building, is located in the village of Ruswarp. There are close ups of the cottage which is right on the edge of the water. Additionally, the film includes many scenes of ducks and birds and various buildings in Ruswarp as well as the scenic surrounding countryside.

There are general views taken from a high point over to Whitby. There are shots from the bridge at the north of the harbour looking towards the sea showing many boats in the harbour. There is also a big stretch of green space which is now a shopping complex.

The final portion of the film takes place at Waterloo Cottage at sunset where a man gets into his moored boat. There is a shot of a Whitby road sign, and the film ends with a sunset.

Title - Whitby in a Different Mood The End