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YFA 2136



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Part of the Cross collection, this film is made up of a series of films taken during the family's travels and days out. Destinations include Whitby, Canterbury, Wales,

The film begins with shots of Whitby and the boats which fill the harbour. There is also footage of the surround area including the exterior of Smugglers Restaurant. It is advertised as a licensed restaurant offering morning coffee, luncheons, and afternoon and high teas. Next there is footage of the winding back streets of Whitby and women walking up the steps to the Abbey. There are views from the top of the Abbey overlooking the harbour.

The next portion of the film takes place on a sunny day at the docks in Canterbury. Many boats of varying sizes can be seen including the Latendresse Boulogne. There are shots of the city centre, different businesses, the cathedral, and parts of the city walls.

Now in Wales, there are brief shots of a small farm followed by a man and two women posing for the camera outside a small village church. There is a sign in both Welsh and English in the car park requesting tickets to be displayed.

Sign - Discover Llandudno by bus short tours daily St. Tudno's Church

At Llaundudno, there are many amusement park rides along the promenade including a giant slide. The rest of the coastline and seaside resorts can be seen as the camera pans around the area from an elevated position. Following this is footage of the surrounding countryside including a bridge built in 1815. The family walk through the countryside, passing by waterfalls and rolling hills in which sheep graze.

Sign - Pensarn Park Public Bowling & Putting Green

There is a shot of a castle which is situated close to the water's edge. People look out onto the water from park benches set up near a low wall at the water's edge. Many small sailboats and tour boats can be seen in the harbour.

Sign - The Smallest House in Great Britain Admission 15p.

There are shots of the red house and other tourist attractions around Llaundudno.

The next section of the film documents a trip abroad, possibly Spain. There are shots of the houses and harbour. The family make their way into the city centre where there is a lively open-air market. Arts, crafts, and a variety of foods are being sold from individual stalls. Following this, a tour group make their way up the hills to a rocky point overlooking the sea. The rest of the film contains footage of the scenic village and surrounding areas. The film ends with close up shots of a variety of different flowers.