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YFA 2891



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An amateur film set in Clayton, West Yorkshire that shows Whit Monday events and parades, (possibly more than one) that take place around the village, a Children's Gala in the summer and a boy being fitted for a gas mask aaround the time of the Munich crisis in September 1938.

Title - Whit Monday 1938

The film opens at the Parish Church in Clayton, West Yorkshire. Choir boys followed by the church's clergy and the congregation exit the church and start to parade through the streets of the village. The procession makes its way down the streets with some carrying banners, one with the words 'Feed My Lambs'. An elderly woman is in a wheelchair.  Many of the children carry song sheets with them so they can sing later in the day. The whit walk continues and the huge group of people congregate in a part of the village where they then begin to sing, a man conducts them from a raised platform.

The parade then moves on and the people continue to slowly wander through Clayton together before gathering in a field where the filmmaker shows them socialising with friend and the children having obstacle races. There continues another march and then a large group of teenagers congregate to sing.  Smaller children are taken on the parade in truck floats, they all look to the camera as they pass.

The film switches to indoors where children are sat around tables having tea and cake.

Another parade this time lead by a brass band is shown going up another of the village streets, they are followed by adults and children. At the village green there are more sports races for the children with people watching. More processions in different parts of the village follow, one is a procession of scouts and guides being led by a brass band, later they join up with the choir and clergy and continue to make their way through the village, occasionally stopping to sing.  They pass by some hoarding, one declaring: 'Vote for Frank Wardman'.  There are many women with prams and pushchairs.

An interior scene then shows a tea party for many of the adults of the day before smaller tables with children sitting posing for the camera are shown.

Title - 'Children's Gala Saturday July 22 1938

The film then moves on to show the villages children's day, led by a brass band they parade through the streets before they stop at a field where they are given refreshments, sweets and take part in races.  A large group pose for photographs.

The final sequence of the film shows a man fitting a boy with a gas mask. Some dates are shown – Tuesday, 27and Wednesday, 28 September, 1938 - followed by newspaper newspaper headlines for those dates relating to the German ultimatum for the Czech withdrawal from the Sudetenland and the mobilisation of the navy.  There is then a headline that reads 'Air Raid Precautions Respirators'.  At the City of Bradford Gas Mask Distribution Centre, a boy sits on a chair whilst a man fits a mask over his face and adjusts the straps so that it fits correctly. The final shot shows the boy with the mask on looking directly into the camera.