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YFA 812



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This film was part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection and contains footage of a large selection of baby animals. There are shots of a group of children playing with some of these animals as well as pretending to carrying out a variety of adult chores.

Title-When we were young.

Title-The Springtime of life


Title-The Springtime of the year.

New born lambs run around a field and in another enclosure a hen and her chicks run around. On a pond, there are shots of swans and signets swimming around, and following that are shots of a young child and a man in a field with a foal.

Then film then moves on to show the boy holding a puppy in a garden, and this is followed by shots of a bird nest with young birds in it. A small group of children are holding several kittens up to the camera and smiling. There is a close up shot of one of the kittens chasing a piece of string.

There is a sequence of shots with a little girl running around in the garden. She is then carried by a man, probably her father, and they both smile at the camera.

The following section takes place at the beach and a group of children gather around beach donkeys. The shot cuts to a fountain in the centre of a town where some young boys paddle in the water and push toy boats along.

A group of ducks run along the grass pecking at the ground and then there is a shot of a kid goat being fed by a woman. The kid keeps on jumping around the field.

Then there is a long sequence containing footage of baby ducks, chickens and chicks, a mole, baby rabbits, and a frog.

A young boy stands outside in the garden and climbs onto his toy tractor. Following this are shots of a group of young children sitting at a table eating cake.

Title-Busy `mothers' and `fathers'.

The children are in the garden hanging up tiny clothes on a toy washing line. Inside, a young girl plays with a toy mangle. She feeds the tiny clothes through and then uses a toy iron to press them. Another little girl is dressed as a nurse and makes up a toy bed. A girl gives her a baby doll and the `nurse' puts the doll to bed and gives it medicine.

Another group of young boys and girls sit at a table and have a tea party. They pour tea from a toy tea pot into toy cups, add sugar and then sip the tea.

Title-Christmas-the happiest time of all.

The group of boys and girls decorate a Christmas tree with icicle decorations.