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This film shows the work of the Lodge Moor Spinal Unit Sports Club, Sheffield.  Users of the centre are shown doing rehabilitation activities and playing sports.  The film emphasis the high level of competition that many users have reached, showing some participating in the 1977 International Stoke Mandeville Games.

The film begins showing a weight lifter and javelin and shot-put throwers in action, before revealing that each athlete is in a wheelchair.

Title – From a Wheelchair
The story of Lodge Moor Spinal Unit Sports Club, Sheffield.

As the commentator describes the regular Wednesday sports sessions, more activities by ex-patients in wheelchairs are seen, including table tennis.  Michael Shelton and Peter Haslam, winners of world championships at international paraplegic competitions, are playing snooker.  As the commentary gives an account of spinal injuries, shoppers are shown in Sheffield city centre, followed by some reconstructions of how injuries can be incurred.

Then, as the commentary explains the work of Lodge Moor Hospital, a patient arrives by ambulance.  The patient is lifted onto a bed by nurses.  A surgeon examines some x rays of injured spines.  The patient is then turned in the bed by nursing staff.  Another patient uses spring arm exercisers.  He then puts his trousers on while still lying on the bed, and after, gets himself off the bed and into a wheelchair.  Other activities, such as cooking, are being undertaken in the Occupational Therapy Unit.  Other patients are making things in the craft room, while in the gym exercises are being carried out to improve fitness and mobility.

The commentary notes that more and more activities are being tried out, one being basketball, showing a game taking place.  We are informed that this has led to the setting up of the sports club. Ex-patient Cyril Thomas explains the idea of the club.  A rehabilitation officer, Ted Goddard, is also interviewed about the work of the club.  The club committee, including the Chairman John Merril, are seen in discussion.

Other facilities are shown being used, including a swimming pool and a bowling green.  The Visitors’ Lounge and Day Room is shown being opened in June 1977, funded by the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service.  A man practises table tennis using an automatic ball thrower.  The film moves on to the annual games for the north of England, with bowls, basketball, fencing and archery.

The international games are held at Stoke Mandeville Sports Stadium in 1977.  Here we see some of the discus and weight lifting events, with a record breaking lift by the British competitor.  The film ends with various wheelchair sportsmen and women receiving prizes.

Title – Directed by Tony Trafford
Produced by Mottershaw Commercial Films, Sheffield