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YFA 1792



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The following film is a comedic short film about a man who looses his spare wheel and the journey he takes through the Lancashire countryside to find it. The film was made by Jack Eley and other cine club members of the West Riding. The members taking part in the cine club outing were split up into teams and tasked to make a film for a competition. Musician friends also wrote the score and played the cello for the soundtrack.

The film opens with an older couple driving in a car up a country lane.

Title - The Wheel

The car stops in the middle of the road due to a flat tire. The man gets out, opens the boot of the car, gets out a spare wheel, and puts it at the side of the car. While he begins to look at the flat tire, the spare wheel rolls down the country lane, through a field, and into a stream. The current carries the wheel downstream.

Back at the car, the man is surprised to find the wheel has disappeared. His wife also comes out of the car to have a look. The man begins to make his journey down the road to find where the wheel could have gone while his wife waits at the car. The man walks past a signpost towards the stream. Three teenagers are sitting in their bathing suits on a piece of driftwood at the side of the stream. They see the wheel floating down and jump in after it but are unable to catch the wheel. Meanwhile, the man is still walking through the countryside.

The wheel, continuing downstream, passes a fisherman on the banks. He tries to catch the wheel with his fishing pole but falls into the water. The man looking for his wheel stops at the side of the stream near a bridge. However, he just misses the wheel pass in the stream.

A montage of road signs appear over an image of the man walking down many country lanes in order to give the impression of the long amount of time which as passed since the man first began his journey looking for the wheel.

Finally the wheel washes ashore just as a man is passing by the shore banks with a wheelbarrow. He examines the wheel and puts it in the wheelbarrow to take home. As he makes his way home, he and the man meet at the crossroads. The man explains this is surely his wheel for which he has been looking all day. They make their way to the bar at The Wheel Inn.

The film closes with a shot of the wife asleep next to the car still jacked up on the country road waiting for its wheel to the changed.

Title - The End