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NEFA 20194



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An amateur film made at Wheatley Hill Colliery a few weeks before the it was demolished in 1969. The film includes exterior views of the colliery and winding house followed by the internal workings of the steam vertical winders with Lilly gears.

The film opens with a general view of the colliery showing the pithead gear, winding engine house and chimney. A sign reads: " National Coal Board Northumberland and Durham Division No. 3 Area. Wheatley Hill Colliery. Sunk in 1869". Another sign warns that the land is the property of the National Coal Board and trespassers are liable to criminal prosecution.

A car drives through the pit yard. General view of the pit power station and winder heapstead. A sign reads: "Beware of Moving Wagons".

Inside the winding house views of the steam vertical winding engine. A small red sign reads: "Slack Rope".

A large metal wheel with white numbers painted around the edges turns slowly past a white arrow painted onto the metal frame. A vertical connecting rod rises and falls.

A painted sign attached to a metal frame reads: "No. 16 Dunlop Meredith 1874 West Hartlepool". A vertical connecting rod rises and falls.

A man stands at the controls of the winding engine.

General views of the engine governor and a connecting rod rising and falling. There are views of other pieces of equipment in the winding house and of the winder in operation.

In the pit yard there are views of the winding house, pit heads and chimney.

Back inside the winding house there are shots of the steam winding engine in operation [this sequence is dark].

Cast into a base plate are the words Robey Lincoln. The dial on a steam regulator gauge turns. Vertical connecting rods rise and fall.

The film ends with views of the pit yard, winding house and pit head.