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NEFA 17551



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This camera roll filmed by Dave Cave for Northern Electric begins with Newcastle United Football Club players posing for official Euro 96 photographs at their training grounds at Darsley Park in Newcastle alongside representatives of both Northern Electric and the St John Ambulance. In the second part of the tape shot at St James Park the camera focuses on a number of Newcastle players on the pitch during an unknown game.

The film begins on a football pitch at Darsley Park and four men holding a series of European flags. One man is also holding a Northern Electric flag, they discuss where to position them on the pitch and begin to try and put one in the ground.

Newcastle United goalkeeper Pavel Srnicek comes over and starts chatting with the group about the flags which includes his own national flag of the Czech Republic. Other players come over and Marc Hottiger shakes hands with a woman before picking up the Swiss flag.

Standing nearby Peter Beardsley chats about the flags. Manager Kevin Keegan comes over and begins discussing with the photographer how the team will be set up for this photo shoot.

The French flag is passed to new signing David Ginola, Marc Hottiger begins to wave his Swiss flag around. Peter Beardsley is given the English flag. The four players pose for the camera beside a man in a St John Ambulance uniform. National flags for all the players are positioned behind them. The man from the St John Ambulance poses with David Ginola on his own and then with a Northern Electric sign in the shape and design of a football. With the photos taken David Ginola runs back to the training centre.

Next, the man from the St John Ambulance poses for photographs with a man in a suit, possibly from Northern Electric.

An older man, possibly Arthur Cox, in a Newcastle United jacket comes over and speaks with the man from Northern Electric. They continue to chat under a Northern Electric umbrella. They are joined by a number of women.

The flags are taken out of the ground and positioned for the photographer beside a football.

The film changes to St James Park and Newcastle United players in action. The camera focuses on a number of them on the pitch including Pavel Srnicek, Peter Beardsley, David Ginola and Les Ferdinand. From the stands Newcastle United supporters watch the game.

At half time eight members of the St John Ambulance carry out a large Northern Electiric and St John Ambulance banner. In the centre of the pitch they unfurl it and show it to the crowds. Over the tannoy the announcer advises that Northern Electric will be supporting the St John Ambulance during the upcoming Euro 96 tournament. The film ends with the banner being carried off the pitch.