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YFA 4468



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Made by members of the Harrogate Cine Club, this travelogue shows families enjoying many of the placesand historical sites around Wharfedale.

Tile: “Our Heritage Films”

“Upper Wharfedale”
“Wharfedale is reputed to be the finest of Yorkshire Dales”.

The film begins with a field in a valley where there are lots of parked cars, and people sitting on blankets picnicking.

Intertitle: “Ilkley – the ideal centre for touring the dale”.
In the town centre, people sit on benches around the side of the road. A boy looks back towards the camera and points it out to a man, possibly his father. There are shots of the high street where cars and cyclists passing by. A billboard reads: “Coopers’ Antiques”.

Intertitle: “Ilkley cow and calf rocks and adjoining farm”.
People wander uphill and stand on the rocks. There is a view of cars parked down below. Two girls in school uniform and wearing head scarves lean against a rock. There is something carved into it, though the girls obscure the full text: “Jas Mafs... J. Bram…” A family are by a river side. They let go some small model boats and watch them make their way down stream.

Intertitle: “Beamsley Hospital”.
The Beamsley Hospital archway is shown, and a close up of the plaque on the wall with the shields and inscription marking the founding of the hospital in 1593. A woman walks up to a building and meets two other elderly women outside and talk.

A road sign points towards: “B160 Bolton abbey”, “A59 Skipton, “A59 Harrogate”, “B6160 Ilkley”, cars (registrations “JKY 274”, “WUG 846”, “JWF 626”), a motorcycle and bicycles passing by.

Intertitle: “Bolton Bridge”.
The bridge has cars parked along both sides of it, with a line of families sat by the river picnicking. Some children play in the water. Then there is an exterior of a hotel, with a line of motorcycles and sidecars passing, Bolton Abbey.

Intertitle: “Bolton Abbey hole in the wall”.
People walk through a gap in a stone wall and down steps. Two policemen can be seen in the foreground. More people can be seen walking across a bridge and sitting on grass.

Intertitle: “Bolton Abbey stepping stones”.
A long line of children balance in bare feet over the stepping stones across the river.

Intertitle: “Bolton Abbey – the Abbey ruins”.
Visitors wander around the Abbey.

Intertitle: “Bolton Abbey – the foamy stride”.
People stand on rocks on the River Wharfe near fast flowing river.

Intertitle: “Barden Tower”.
There are shots of the tower from a road along which pass cars and cycles.  There is a sign for “Parish of Bolton Abbey – Barden Church”, with some unusual views of the ruins. Cars pass along the road (registrations “3372 NW”, “HUX 836”, “XUA 756” and “DET 966”).

Intertitle: “Apple tree wick”.
A pub in the foreground has an advert for Tetley on the side. There is a building with a horse shoe hung on the front door, and then a country house. People sit by a river and play in the water. One man fishes. The clock on the tower of St Winifred’s Church gives the time as 5.25.

Intertitle: “Burnshall”
A large number of cars are parked in a field next to the river where many people are picnicking, with the bridge behind them.  A number 75 bus to Ilkley passes over the bridge.  A man wearing a motorcycle helmet walks past the Red Lion Hotel.

Intertitle: “Linton in Craven”.
Two girls climb up the steps near to St Michael and All Angels Church. Some visitors enter the Church and examine the stained glass windows, an inscription from Matthew 25:35: “I was hungry and ye fed me, I was thirsty and ye gave me drink, I was a stranger and ye let me in, I was naked and ye clothed me”.

Intertitle: “Linton in Craven – the Falls”.
The Falls are shown.

Intertitle: “Grassington – the largest village in Wharfedale”.
There are shots of the town and signs for “Café Royal” and “Ledesway Antiques and Gifts”.

Intertitle: “Kilnsey – Crag Morris Dancing display”.
A group of Morris dancers perform for a small crowd of spectators outside the Tenant Arms pub.  Two young hikers walk along the road underneath the Kilnsey Crag.

Intertitle: “Kettlewell”
Buses and cars pass over the bridge at Kettlewell, and another pair of young hikers walk through the village, towards the Bluebell Hotel.

Intertitle: “Good camping sites throughout the whole Wharfe Valley”.
There is a campsite full of tents, and people cooking over an open fire and with a joint of meat in a portable oven.  A young man is shaved by another, stood up in a field. Some men are shown shearing sheep with hand shears.

Intertitle: “Buckden Head of the dale shop”.
There is a road for Buckden and the A6160, and a  shop, F & A Appleyard, with a sign for “groceries, hardware, fancy goods, licenced to sell tobacco, petrol and motor oils”.  We see the Black Inn pub.  A woman drives a scooter past carrying a man as pillion.

Intertitle: “Hubberholme, 12th century church with rood loft”.
A group of children sit on the rock in the River Wharfe near Habberholme bridge. There is a view of All Angels Church.

Intertitle: “Outershaw. Dale vistas rewarding the end of our town tour”.
There is a view over the vale, with a white horse stood in front of a farm house and the bridge over the River Wharfe.  The film finishes showing two Austin A 30 cars by the river.

“The End”.